Jody Coppersmith

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

Jody Coppersmith first knew she wanted to become a psychologist at the age of 14. She majored in psychology at Wayne State University and volunteered to work on a psychology research project, which helped to solidify her passion for the field. Her cousin, who was enrolled in a psychology Ph.D. program, further inspired Coppersmith in her career direction.

Born and raised in Commerce Township, Mich., Coppersmith was initially drawn to IIT because of its location in metropolitan Chicago. After researching the College of Psychology and going through the interview process, she became excited about the many opportunities that would come her way in the graduate program, including the merit-based Mary Vermillion Graduate Fellowship and the course in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

"Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the primary mode of therapy we are taught at IIT.I used CBT with many of clients and saw great results, but I did not feel connected to it," explains Coppersmith. "After taking the ACT class with Patty Bach, I felt my true ability to be an effective clinician.Additionally, we learned mindfulness, a component of ACT, which has been a useful skill in my personal life. I was excited to share this technique with my clients.”

One strength of IIT's psychology program, notes Coppersmith, is that it exposes students to empirically based treatment protocols like CBT—therapies that have medical evidence or research to support them.

"We are fortunate to have professors with a wide variety of interests," says Coppersmith. "This gives students the opportunity to explore many options in psychology."


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