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    2013 Executive Committee Meeting Summaries

    January 22, 2013
    In order to expedite the development of the curriculum, and to simultaneously begin building an outreach plan, two tracks have been formed: Dr. Katie Swanson of KMJ Swanson Food Safety Inc. has been appointed as the Curriculum Development Project Manager for the FSPCA.  Dr. Purnendu C. Vasavada will continue in his leadership role with the FSPCA as the Outreach Project Manager.  The Certificate Subcommittee will assess costs associated with certification maintenance, and the Continuation Subcommittee will develop a business plan to ensure the Alliance's sustainability.

    April 19, 2013
    The Editorial and Continuation Subcommittees are both making steady progress, and future Executive Committee meetings will be conducted on an "as needed basis."   Katie Swanson will continue to work with FDA to ensure that the curriculum is in concord with the Proposed Rule and ultimately obtains FDA endorsement. The goal is to have a draft curriculum by the end of August, 2013, and to have an outreach program in place by the time the curriculum is completed.  A list of trainers will be developed.  The Continuation Subcommittee is studying the current market to determine the cost of sustaining the Alliance.  This includes determining the minimal fee per student certificate.

    October 3, 2013
    The Committee discussed restructuring the Alliance's website with the goal of improving the Alliance's visibility to the outside world.  Suggestions including revamping the website's navigation, making meeting minutes more prominent and easier to find, and possibly incorporating an RSS Feed.  Website capabilities will be discussed with Main Campus.  It was suggested that the Allergan/Supplier Control/Sanitation material may be too complicated for general audiences and should therefore be incorporated into an extra module.  John Allan was appointed to the Steering Committee, and Nancy Doyle was reinstated to the Steering Committee.

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