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    Steering Committee Meeting Summary

    September 11, 2013

    The Curriculum and Peer Review process is ongoing and the first five chapters are out for review.  Comments are being incorporated as they are being received.  The pasta salad example has been deemed too complicate, and is being replaced by an omelet example.  The allergen chapter is being worked on, and a chapter on Supplier Control is being considered.   It is expected that a draft curriculum will be completed on February 14th, but will not be finalized until the final rules are published.  The Alliance Continuation Subcommittee is focusing on 3 revenue areas for development: 1) a training certificate system for individuals, 2) developing and administering protocols to recognize trainers, and 3) identifying revenue sources to sustain training and technical outreach.  Alliance outreach activities have continued with the completion of two successful meetings in July. 
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