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    Institute for
    Food Safety
    and Health

    Illinois Institute of Technology
    Moffett Campus
    6502 South Archer Rd.
    Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957
    (P) 708.563.1576

    Jack Cappozzo, MS

    Director of Chemistry, Lecturer
    Department: IFSH/IIT

    Contact Information

    Institute of Food Safety and Health
    6502 South Archer Road
    Bldg 91, Laboratory 300
    Bedford Park, IL-60501

    Fx:   708-563-1873

    Biographical Profile

    Jack Cappozzo has over 20 years of experience working in the private sector with most of that time working in analytical chemistry measuring nutritional elements and chemical contaminants in food.  He has been involved in food processing with experience in meat, tomatoes, potatoes and dairy.  He has also been involved in new technologies to enhance food safety through production and in food formulation.


    Microbial food safety; fresh
    produce and sprout safety; foodborne viruses; novel food processing techniques; low moisture food safety; large-scale experimental work involving the BSL-3 laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant.

    MS Biochemistry
    BS Chemistry
    BS Biology


    FST/FPE 524, Fundamentals of Food ScienceFST
    507 Food Analysis

    Current Projects

    Risk Assessment and Intervention Strategies For The Emerging Food Safety Threat Of Ochratoxin in the US, USDA-NIFA Grant

    2. Rapid Methods for the determination of Adulteration, Authenticity and Quality in Olive Oil

    3. Identification, characterization, and quantitation of fruit phenolic/Antioxidants by LC-MS/MS and LC-Q-TOF

    Bioavailability of phenolic antioxidants in human serum by LC-MS/MS and LC-MS-Q-TOF

    Selected Publications

    1. Tadapaneni, Kiran Ravi, Banaszewski, Katarzyna, Patazca, Eduardo, Edirisinghe, Indika, Cappozzo, Jack,Jackson, Lauren, and Burton-Freeman, Britt, Effect of High-Pressure Processing and 1. Milk on the Anthocyanin Composition and Antioxidant Capacity of Strawberry-Based Beverages, J. Agric.Food Chem, January 3, 2012, Article ASAP, DOI: 10.1021/jf2035059

    2. Edirisinghe, Indika, Banaszewski, Katarzyna, Cappozzo, Jack, McCarthy, Danielle and Burton-Freeman, Britt M.,  Effect of Black Currant Anthocyanins on the Activation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) in Vitro in Human Endothelial Cells, J. Agric. Food Chem. 2011, 59, 8616–8624.

    3. Edirisinghe, Indika, Banaszewski, Katarzyna , Cappozzo, Jack , Krishnankutty, Sandhya, Ellis, Collin L.,  Tadapaneni, Ravi , Kappagoda, Chulani T. and Burton-Freeman, Britt M., Strawberry Anthocyanin and Its Association with Postprandial Inflammation and insulin, British Journal of Nutrition, 28 September 2011 106 : pp 913-922.

    Society Memberships, Conferences, and Activities

    AOAC Member

    2. AOAC Technical Division for Reference Materials (TDRM) - Secretary

    3. AOCS Member

    4. ASMS Member

    5. ACS Member

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