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    Institute for
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    Illinois Institute of Technology
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    Center for Processing Innovation

    CPI Center Director
    Alvin Lee, PhD

    The Center for Processing Innovation (CPI) provides expanded process control and process validation capabilities for applied research through IFSH's GMP processing area, kitchen and pilot plant, BSL-2 laboratory, fresh produce processing line, and the newly commissioned BSL-3 laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant. The unit also administers education and training services, and other targeted commercial projects.

    For more information on how the IFSH Center for Processing Innovation can add value to your organization, please contact:

    Armand Paradis, Director, Business Development
    708.563.8175 (office)
    708.821.8615 (mobile)

    Advancing Technology and Product Innovation

    IFSH offers value-added opportunities for all members within the framework of the Center for Processing Innovation, a new principal operating center that channels the institutional history of NCFST, a long-time vanguard of applied research in the area of process validation and verification, and the new state-of-the-art facilities of the institute. IFSH researchers are leaders in the validation and verification space, with a long history of successes including validation of aseptic processing and novel pathogen reduction technologies, the use and validation of high pressure and related processes for treating and preserving low acid foods, and the validation of cleaning and sanitation processes related to fresh produce operations, dry processing operations, allergen removal and more.

    The IFSH Center for Processing Innovation is a highly credible source for industry companies of all sizes seeking applied scientific information that can serve as a basis for developing and implementing requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). With state-of-the-art research facilities, including a fully operational pilot plant with a GMP processing and kitchen area, a BSL-2 food processing laboratory suite, and a BSL-3 laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant, the IFSH CPI has strong capabilities for confirming and validating the efficacy of risk-based preventive control measures using pathogenic organisms in near real-world processing environments, referenced on numerous occasions in the FSMA.


    • Validation of new and novel food safety technologies and risk-based preventive controls and systems designed to prevent or mitigate harmful microorganisms and chemical hazards from contaminating food products.
    • Modern research facilities, such as the BSL-3 laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant, one of the first in the country that is specifically designed to conduct food processing research and validation studies by simulating real-world applications using large-scale equipment and large volumes of microorganisms.
    • Tailored research and validation data associated with emerging risk assessment approaches designed to help industry operators develop food safety management plans and utilize effective applications of food safety and defense measures. 

    Education and Training Services

    IFSH is developing targeted educational opportunities and training services for members in the areas of process control and validation, including technical training through webinars and workshops to assist small- and mid-sized processing operations with implementation of the FSMA in areas such as food safety management plan development and implementation.
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