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    Admission, Registration and Enrollment

    How do I apply for admission?  
    For information, visit Graduate Admissions.

    If I am not interested in a degree but want to take individual courses, do I have to apply for admission?
    Graduate students may apply for admission as non-degree seeking and take any number of courses but no more than six credit hours obtained in this status may be applied to a graduate degree or certificate program.

    Professional learning students do not have to be admitted to the university. Visit the Professional Learning website for more information on online program offerings.

    Degree seeking online learning students must apply for admission before they can register for a course.

    What are the requirements for international students applying to IIT for distance education programs?
    International students should consult the Graduate Admissions page for international students for complete details.

    As a distance education student, will I work with an advisor?
    In many cases an academic advisor is assigned and noted in the admissions letter to the student. If not, contact the academic department and ask to speak to an advisor.

    All students are assigned academic advisors. Policies of academic departments may differ. Students should contact the academic department of interest and ask to speak to an academic advisor. Visit the list of academic departments for more information

    How much are tuition and fees?
    Information about tuition and fees can be located at

    What is a Program of Study form and where do I get one?
    All graduate degree-seeking students must complete a Program of Study form. Contact your graduate academic adviser for instructions on submitting your program of study.

    How do I determine which courses to take?
    Contact the academic department of interest and ask to speak to an academic adviser for assistance selecting appropriate courses. If you are admitted, you can find advising information and next steps on your admission letter. You can find a list of departments here.

    How do I register for classes?
    Registration can be completed only after official admission is confirmed. Registration can be completed the Academics Tab in the myIIT portal. 

    In many cases the academic adviser approves registration for graduate students to insure that prerequisites have been met for specific courses.

    Courses and Participation

    Can I take IIT Online courses anywhere in the world? 

    Internet courses are available to any IIT student anywhere in the world. International students may be admitted to online programs contingent upon admissions rules as administered by the office of Graduate Enrollment. There are international locations where students may participate in Internet courses and receive local support. These initiatives are coordinated by the IIT Office of International Affairs. Other locations may be supported based on the availability of appropriate exam administration facilities. Contact IIT Online Student Support Services for more information

    Can I take online courses at my own pace? 
    No. All IIT Online courses are paced on a semester or quarter basis. Televised courses have specific meeting/broadcast times. Internet lectures can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the term.

    How do I obtain course materials?
    Many instructors will post course materials on Blackboard. Televised course material may be sent to the site via courier service or the instructor will provide a web site from which course material can be downloaded.

    Assigned textbooks may be ordered at the IIT bookstore website

    How will I interact with the instructor and/or other students?
    Course instructors will provide their contact information and email address. Interaction with other online learning students takes place over Blackboard, including chat rooms and other interactive resources. Faculty may also use other online tools.

    If I am an online student, will I ever have to travel to campus? 
    Most online courses do not require travel to campus. IIT students are located all over the world. 

    Local students enrolled in internet sections may be required to travel to campus for live labs on-campus, or for exams, if required by the instructor.

    Some programs may require a physical presence at an IIT campus or another specific location, such as an offsite laboratory or facility. Please consult the individual program description for any special requirements regarding mandatory physical presence for participation. 

    May I attend campus for live courses?
    Students are expected to participate in the course via the manner in which they officially registered, unless otherwise instructed by the instructor.

    If a student wants to attend a specific live section of the course, he or she should request permission from the instructor in advance to insure that space is available.

    Can I download lecture videos?
    At this time IIT offers lectures as streamed content and does not support downloading.

    Tuition and Costs

    Are there extra costs associated with televised or Internet courses?
    There are no additional fees for IIT Online courses. For detailed  information on tuition and fees, visit the Office of Financial Aid's Cost of Attendance page.

    Can I apply for financial aid?
    Because students associated with IIT's online offerings are considered IIT students, interested candidates should follow regular procedures and apply through the Office of Financial Aid.

    Exams and Exam Proctors

    Do I need to contact anyone to arrange for a proctor?
    Students need to contact IIT Online Support Services to confirm a testing location or proctor availability. Contact support for exams at or call 

    Exams outside of the Chicago Area are typically administered at Community College Testing Centers. Exams within the Chicago Area are typically administered at the Main Campus, Rice Campus, or Moffett Campus. At locations outside of the U.S., the online staff will work with the student to identify an acceptable testing location.

    Student Relations and University Services

    Who provides support services to online learning students?
    IIT Online Student Support Services provides assistance with delivery of course material and exams, exam/proctor coordination, delivering incoming material to instructors, and returning graded course material to students. Students who need assistance from this office should send an email to:

    How do I get a Student ID?
    All officially enrolled online learning students may request an ID card. Send email to to request an ID card, and one will be mailed to you.

    How do I get logins for various IIT computing systems? 
    Download the new student computing guide (.pdf).

    How do I get an email address? 
    Email account information is located in the new student computing guide.

    Are library resources available to online learning students?
    Absolutely. Visit the web site for information about electronic resources and library policies.IIT has its very own distance learning librarian and services,

    Are computing resources available to online learning students?
    Online students have access to the following computing resources: computer classrooms, computer hardware and computer software. 

    For more information on computing services, visit
     IIT Office of Technology Services. Access to online courses is provided through the Blackboard course management system (available via the myIIT portal). Specific resources required for each course is identified by the course instructor in the course syllabus.

    As a student with a disability who is taking IIT Online courses, am I eligible for accommodations?
    Students with disabilities enrolled in IIT Online courses are eligible for accommodations. In order to receive accommodations for a disability, please contact the Center for Disability Resources at or at 312-567-5744. You will need to submit documentation of your disability and speak with a staff member in the CDR to determine what accommodations are appropriate. Additional information about the CDR, services, and documentation guidelines can be found on the CDR website: Advance planning is critical to ensuring that accommodations are provided in a timely manner.

    Where can I get more information on commencement requirements?
    Congratulations! You are about ready to graduate! Please note that all IIT students in the Graduate College must apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester in which they expect to graduate. See the Graduate College's graduation FAQ for detailed information on graduation requirements and deadlines.
    Are there any benefits for alumni?
    Yes! Graduates of programs offered through IIT Online belong to the larger network of IIT alumni worldwide. Connect with the IIT Alumni Association Online Community through its website, or contact the Office of Alumni Relations for additional information: 800.IIT.ALUM, 312.567.5040, or
    Outreach and Partnerships

    How can I learn more about partnering with IIT Online?
    If you are interested in a business relationship with IIT Online or TV learning programs, please contact Charles Scott at or Lauren Woods at


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