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    Proceedings of the XLIII International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics

    Proceedings of the XLIII International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics, edited by Sergei Chekanov and Zack Sullivan.

    Individual Chapters

    1. Overview of Higgs results from CMS (Petra Merkel)
    2. Boosted heavy particles and jet substructure with the CMS detector (Ivan Marchesini)
    3. Hadronic final states in high-pT QCD at CDF (Keith Matera)
    4. Particle production at large momentum transfer (V.P. Gonçalves, Werner K. Sauter)
    5. Searching for W' bosons at LHC with single top production (Daniel Duffty, Zack Sullivan)
    6. Study of pp interactions at high multiplicity at U-70 (A. Aleev, et. al.)
    7. The Tevatron energy scan: Findings & surprises (Rick Field)
    8. Improved isolation of the p-p underlying event based on minimum-bias trigger-associated hadron correlations (Thomas A. Trainor, Duncan J. Prindle)
    9. Color reconnection and its effects on precise measurements at the LHC (Törbjorn Sjöstrand)
    10. Study of the helix model (Šárka Todorova-Nová)
    11. Measurement of the charged kaon correlations at small relative momentum in the SELEX experiment (Grigory Nigmatkulov)
    12. Parton distributions and event generators (Stefano Carrazza, Stefano Forte, Juan Rojo)
    13. Inclusive measurements at HERA from low to high x (Olaf Behnke)
    14. Polarised Drell-Yan physics at COMPASS (Celso Franco)
    15. Large x physics: recent results and future plans (Roy J. Holt)
    16. HERAFitter - an open source QCD fit framework (Pavel Starovitov)
    17. Proton structure from multiparticle contribution to elastic pp-scattering at 7 TeV (I.M. Dremin)
    18. Diffraction at the LHC (M. Csanád)
    19. Central exclusive production and the Durham diffractive program (L.A. Harland-Lang, V.A. Khoze, M.G. Ryskin)
    20. Diffractive cross certain sections implemented in PYTHIA8-MBR vs LHC results (Konstantin Goulianos)
    21. Recent results on vector boson production in association with jets with the CMS detector (Tom Cornelis)
    22. Recent developments in Monte Carlo Simulations (Jennifer M. Thompson)
    23. Recent results from the search for the critical point of strongly interacting matter at the CERN SPS (Peter Seyboth)
    24. The phase diagram of QCD from lattice simulations (Massimo D'Elia)
    25. Particle production sources in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC (Georg Wolschin)
    26. STAR Results from the RHIC Beam Energy Scan (Hui Wang)
    27. High-order cumulants from the 3D O(1) and O(4) spin models (Xue Pan, et. al.)
    28. Minumum-bias angular and trigger-associated correlations from 200 GeV p-p collisions: jets, flows, centrality and the underlying event (D. Prindle)
    29. BSM searches in multi-objects final states in ATLAS (Thijs Cornelissen
    30. Physics implications of correlation data from the RHIC and LHC heavy-ion programs (R.L. Ray)
    31. Recent Results from RHIC (O. Evdokimov)
    32. Collective dynamics of the p-Pb collisions at the LHC (Wojciech Broniowski, Piotr Bożek)
    33. Kaon Freeze-out Dyanmics in √SNN = 200 GeV Au+Au Collisions at RHIC (Michal Sumbera)
    34. Influence of the target on multiparticle production in the forward domain in p+Pb collisions at 158 GeV (Maciej Rybczynski)
    35. Measurement of anisotropic radial flow rapidity (Yuanfang Wu, Lin Li, Na Li)
    36. The potential importance of low luminosity and high energy at the LHC (Alan R. White)
    37. Measurement of the strong coupling ∝S from the 3-jet rate in e+e- annihilation using JADE data (S. Kluth)
    38. Measurement of hadron production in Deep Inelastic Scattering (H. Jung)
    39. Low-energy exclusive cross sections and inclusive production of identified charged hadrons with Babar (J. William Gary)
    40. Stochastic mechanism of color confinement (V. Kuvshinov)
    41. Future physics: A personal view (James Bjorken)


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