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    Submission FAQs

    Q. What makes a complete submission package?
    A. Please send a letter of introduction that concisely offers the key facts about your manuscript. Include with it your table of contents, a project description, and your curriculum vitae. We also welcome a sample chapter, but please do not send us your complete manuscript until we ask you to do so.

    Q. What should my project description cover?
    A. There is no set format, but a good project description (or book proposal) will include an accessible overview of the work, a concise chapter-by-chapter summary, an account of your book’s relationship to comparable or competing works, your assessment of your book’s audience, and practical details including length, number of illustrations, and the status of the work. All this should be accomplished in 5-10 pages.

    Q. Email submissions are OK?
    A. We accept serious submissions by e-mail but also welcome submissions by regular mail. If you use email, please treat the body of your message as your letter of introduction so that we can read the basic information about you and your project without opening an attachment. We generally do not respond to email submissions that are obviously mass-mailed or are clearly inappropriate for the Press.

    Q. How long should I expect to wait for a response to my initial submission?
    A. You may hear from us very quickly, but you should expect to hear in three to four weeks. If you have not heard within a month of project submission, feel free to send a query by email.


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