Fall 2011 Lecture Videos Online

Did you miss some of the major lectures from the IIT colleges during the fall semester? Looking for some intellectual stimulation during the winter break? Many lectures and other videos are publicly available to watch on IIT’s YouTube channel.

On September 23, Harvard University Department of Chemistry’s Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor George Whitesides delivered the 2011 Kilpatrick Lecture, “A Chemistry Renaissance.” Whitesides is a pioneer in fundamental research who pushes the bounds of interdisciplinary collaboration to establish new fields in science and develop them towards practical applications with the potential to change the everyday world in which we live. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

On October 12, Princeton School of Architecture Dean Stan Allen delivered the lecture “Landform Building,” in which he discussed recent projects by his firm, Stan Allen Architect (SAA). Responding to the complexity of the modern city in creative ways, Stan Allen has developed an extensive catalog of urbanistic strategies, in particular look- ing at field theory, landscape architecture, and ecology as models to revitalize the practices of urban design. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

On October 14, IBM Fellow Don delivered the 2011 Lederman Lecture, “A Small Frontier,” in which he looks at the transformative effect the Information Revolution is having on nearly every human endeavor and our ability to build ever-smaller structures. Honored with the Kavli Prize for Nanoscience in 2010, Eigler was the first to demonstrate the ability to position individual atoms with atomic-scale precision, using a specialized Scanning Tunneling Microscope in 1989. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

On October 26, Lehigh University President Alice P. Gast delivered the 2011 Darsh T. Wasan Lecture, “International Education Today,” subtitled “Would Darsh T. Wasan come to the United States to study in 2011?.” A renowned leader in higher education and a distinguished researcher in the study of surface and interfacial phenomena, Gast explores the state of international education today, how it affects the state of education in the United States and around the globe, and the choices available to students all over the world. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

More lectures and other videos from the fall semester, such as the 7th Annual IIT Pumpkin Launch and the ribbon cutting ceremony for IIT’s wind turbine, are available on the IIT YouTube page.