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7-Zip, 9.20
Abacus, 6.12-3 (2 licenses only)
Adobe Acrobat Professional, 9.5.5
Adobe Air,
Adobe Creative Suite, CS5
Adobe Flash Player, 11.7.700.224/11.8.800.94
Adobe Reader, 11.0.3
Adobe Shockwave Player,
Altair Hyperworks, 12
ArcGIS Desktop, 10.1 SP1
Arduino Compiler for the Flora, 1.0.2
AutoCAD, 2014
AutoCAD Architecture, 2014
AutoCAD Civil 3D, 2014
AutoCAD Electrical, 2014
GB Symbol Library (metric)
JIC Symbol Library (inches)
AutoCAD Map 3D, 2014
AutoCAD Mechanical, 2014
AutoCAD MEP, 2014
AutoCAD Raster Design, 2014
AutoDesk Ecotect & Analysis, 2011
AutoDesk Revit, 2014
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional, 2014
Core FTP Pro, 2.2 build 1747
Cortona 3D Viewer, 7.8 (Release 188)
Dialux evo 2, NA
eQUEST, 3.64 build 7130
Google Earth,
Google SketchUp, 8.0.14346
IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics,
IBM SPSS Modeler Premium Desktop,
Text Mining
IIT Remote Printing Package, NA
Internet Explorer, 9.0.8112.16421
IrfanView, 4.35
JDK, 1.7 update 25
JMP Pro, 10.0
LabStates Client, 5.2.30303.134
LabVIEW, 2011 SP1
LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing ToolKit
LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolset
LabVIEW DSC Module
LabVIEW Internet Toolkit 6
LabVIEW Math Interface Toolkit
Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite
Latex (MikTex + Winshell), 2.9.4813/
Ltspice, 4.19n
Maple, 15.01
Mathcad Prime, 2
Matlab, R2013a
Matlab Chebdun Toolbox, 4.2.2889
Matlab CVX Toolbox, 2.0 Build 945
Matlab SPM Toolbox, 8
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, 8.8 P3
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, SP1
Microsoft Office Professional Edition, 2010 SP2
Excel Solver
Text to Speech
Microsoft Project Professional, 2010 SP2
Microsoft Visio Professional, 2010 SP2
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate, 2012 Update 3
Graphics Library (FULL)
Redistributable Merge Modules (FULL)
Visual Basic (FULL)
Visual C# (FULL)
Visual C++ (FULL)
Visual Web Developer (FULL)
Mozilla FireFox, 22
Notepad++, 6.3.3
Oracle Database Client,
Primavera P6, 6.2.1 Media Pack v9
Pro Engineer Wildfire, 4.0 M220
Putty, 0.62
Python, 3.3.2
QGIS, 1.8.0-Lisboa
QuickTime, 7.7.4
Real Player,
SAP2000, 15.2.1
SAS Education Analytical Suite, 9.3
SQL Developer,
Versant, 3.1.7 build 8
Wolfram Mathematica,

* Indicates that the item has been excluded from the configuation of the software package