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Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2006
Meeting the Needs of a Nation
Whether it is exploring alternatives to our dependence on foreign energy sources, addressing the critical shortage of mathematics and science teachers, creating new design alternatives to make American industry more competitive in the global marketplace, or offering a cutting-edge solution to the high costs of the United States legal system, the university community is responding to a wide variety of our nation's needs.
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Faculty Trustee Dinner, September 2006
I am delighted to welcome all of you to the faculty trustee dinner. Tonight is both a special and nostalgic evening because Bob Pritzker is retiring as Chairman of our Board of Trustees. 
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State of the University, 2005
Recently a member of our Board of Trustees asked me whether everyone in the university understood our mission. I said, "If by that you mean do they know our mission statement, the answer is probably no. If by that you mean do they understand the fundamental values of the university, I believe the answer is yes." Shortly after that, I was at a meeting with some of our colleagues, and one of them made a comment that he thought we were constantly changing priorities.
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Annual Report, 2004
At IIT last year, it was business as usual—a lot of hard work, moments of inspiration, invaluable occasions of generosity, and the kinds of breakthrough days that make all the rest worthwhile.
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State of the University, 2004
The campus is humming. The students are back in record numbers, studying, working, and socializing. In the opening days of this new academic year, I have had a chance to meet many of them. As always, I am impressed with their energy and intellect, as well as how far many have come from Hanoi to Johannesburg, Berlin to Rio de Janeiro, and New York to Los Angeles. We have a truly diverse student body.
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IIT Challenge Campaign Report, 2001
Destiny Manifest
We at IIT are moved to report that the bold plan to reshape our university is taking dynamic form. This special report chronicles our future—our destiny, and the many ways it has become manifest. We have seen the future and continue to invent it for ourselves and the world. Allow us to share our continued success.
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IIT Inventing the Future Report
Inventing the Future Together
Inventing the Future Together is a report on research at IIT, highlighting advances in basic and applied research, technology transfer, and commercialization. Contents include a message from the dean, financial highlights, research stories across a wide range of disciplines, awards and scholarships, academic programs, and more.
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Innovation and Leadership
The Search for the Renaissance Professional
I am delighted to be here to share in the celebration of Rose-Hulman's 125th anniversary. Your school has long been one of the shining lights in higher education.
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Inaugural Speech
Building a Future from One Hundred Years of Experience
I am proud to accept the presidency of this university. I am proud of its history. I am confident of its future. Let me tell you something about both.
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