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    Chicago, IL 60616
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    Frequently Required Proposal Data

    Authorized Organizational Representative Domenica Pappas
    Name: Illinois Institute of Technology
    Address: Office of Sponsored Research and Programs
    10 W. 35th St., Suite 7D7-1
    Chicago, IL 60616-3732
    Phone: 312.567.3035
    Fax: 312.567.6980
    County: Cook
    Congressional District: 1st
    Legislative District: 3rd
    Representative District, Main Campus: 6th
    Representative District, Downtown Campus: 7th
    Representative District, Rice Campus: 6th
    Representative District, Moffett Campus: 3rd
    Type of organization: Non-profit, private institution of higher education
    Incorporated in: Illinois
    Date of incorporation: 1940
    Federal Employer ID: 36-2170136
    DUNS: Contact
    CAGE Code: 8B088
    NAICS: 611310
    FICE: 001691
    Audit Office: James "Mike" Barton, Audit Manager
    HHS/OIG Office of Audit Services
    277 West Nationwide Blvd., Suite 225
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
    Phone: 614.469.2543
    NSF Institutional Code: 0016915000
    Illinois Tax exemption ID: Contact
    Human Subjects Federal Wide Assurance No.: 00001463
    Institutional Animal Assurance No.: A4485-01
    Assurances and Certifications
    Debarment and Suspension: No
    Drug-free workplace: Yes
    Lobbying with federally appropriated funds: No
    Lobbying with funds other than federally appropriated: No
    Delinquent federal debt: No
    Annual report on Possible Research Misconduct: Filed
    Civil rights: Filed
    Handicapped individuals: Filed
    Sex discrimination: Filed
    Age discrimination: Filed
    National Register of Historic Places - Main Campus: Yes
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