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    Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion

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    Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion

    The purpose of the Center is to provide programs, research, and advocacy, and advise on issues, policies and practices that affect the universities commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are dedicated and committed in our work to continually evolve through the review of best practices. In support of that commitment, the work of the Center is organized around a concept of diversity that is practical and includes multiple social and cultural identities, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, group affiliation, ability, national origin, and religion.

    Building an IIT Culture of Diversity

    Diversity Appreciation 4A Action Plan

    • Awareness - Understanding personal beliefs and attitudes toward diverse groups
    • Acknowledgment - Knowing how beliefs and attitudes may affect members of diverse groups
    • Acceptance - Being sensitive to and giving understanding toward members from diverse groups
    • Action - Actively reaching out and interacting with diverse people

    Diversity Experience Benefits

    • Appreciation and preservation of one’s own culture
    • Expansion of learning through exposure
    • Ability to network and learn from, and about others
    • Ability to effectively manage barriers
    • Knowing how to balance being part of groups and maintaining individuality

    Signature Programs

    • Multicultural Picnic
    • Safe Space Training
    • Unity Leader's Program
    • Unity Banquet
    • Sheldon H. Nahmod Awards
    • Julia Beveridge Awards

    National Cultural Observances

    • Hispanic Heritage Month
    • LGBTQ Pride Month
    • Native American Heritage Month
    • African American History Month
    • Asian American History Month
    • Women's History Month
    • Martin Luther King Birthday

    Support & Services

    • Educational and Cultural Programs
    • Personal and Professional Development
    • Student Networking Events
    • Lending Library
    • Minority Scholarship Information
    • Cultural Events Calendar (announcement for off-campus events)
    • Safe Space and Safe Space Training
    • Diversity and Inclusion Library Guides
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