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    Early Planning

    The key to the whole study abroad experience is preparation and planning.  Putting the time in to research your options and find the best destination and type of program for you will pay off ten-fold when it comes to the actual event.  The steps below will help you approach the study abroad application methodically and put you in good shape to get maximum benefit from your time abroad.

    1. Read Through Our Early Planning Material
    Planning starts by reading through the “Early Planning” section of our website and absorbing the totality of the information provided.  There will be quizzes...
    2. Create an AbroadOffice Account and Tell Us About Yourself
    The AbroadOffice system will take care of the IIT-side of your study abroad application.  Sign up for free, start your planning and use this opportunity to think about why you want to study abroad.  Creating your profile also gives you the ability to keep the Study Abroad Office informed about what you are looking for in an abroad experience through every step of the process.   If we get any new information on programs that fit your study abroad dreams, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you.

    Create an Account on Abroad Office
    By following this link you are leaving the IIT website.

    3. Meet with Your Advisors
    Discuss your desire to study abroad with your academic advisor to ask them if it will work with your major and when it will fit best into your academic program.  Be sure to keep your other advisors in mind too.  If applicable, contact your ROTC advisor, international student advisor, disability advisor, and/or athletic coach to see if there are special considerations with regards to timing, requirements or necessary accommodations.  With enough planning, you could easily work your curriculum around your study abroad experience.
    4. Research Program Options
    Finding a study abroad program that meets your academic interests and personal goals is an important first step in the international learning experience.  The more clearly you can articulate what you hope to gain from the experience, the easier it will be to narrow your program options. 

    You can learn more about program options and how financial aid transfers here.  In addition, you can keep track of your programs on the Study Abroad Worksheet.

    Then, go to your AbroadOffice account to review programs, destinations, and application forms.  Don't forget to try the advanced search option to find a program specific to your major or preferred host country!
    5. Meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator
    Once you have decided on a few programs that would work for you, drop by during walk-in advising hours. No appointment is necessary.

    If walk-in hours do not work for you, request an appointment.  You can also request an appointment through your AbroadOffice account.  We’ll be glad to help you with the research and selection process and we’ll advise on program options and benefits. 

    6. Complete the Initial Permission Form
    The Study Abroad Approval Form is the first official declaration of your desire to study abroad and can be completed through your AbroadOffice account.  It requires your advisor’s approval of your preferred program and term abroad and, if all checks out, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

    7. Figure Out Finances
    Once the Study Abroad Office approves you, you’ll be ready to discuss how federal financial aid and IIT scholarships apply toward your chosen program. A representative will sit down with you and make sure you understand what you can take abroad with you.  We recommend bringing your Study Abroad Worksheet to the meeting.

    Visit the Financial Aid website for study abroad for more information. 

    8. Choose Your Courses
    To ensure your study abroad experience does not delay your graduation, the next step is for you to get courses approved to transfer back to IIT.  Once you have several selected from the host university’s course listings, you should make an appointment with a representative from the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, who will work with you to finalize a list of appropriate courses ready for your academic advisor’s approval.  Be sure to choose a few “spare” courses to use in the event of a cancellation.

    Once complete, you should scan the approved document to your AbroadOffice account.

    9. Apply to Your Host University
    Once you have all the planning out of the way, you’re ready to apply to the host university or program.  Applications usually involve transcripts, course choices, accommodation preferences, resumes and passport photos.  We will then check through your completed application, attach a note, and send it along with our blessing to the host university.


    If you have any questions after reading the above, check out our FAQs or come on up to the office.  Otherwise, you're now ready to move onto our Pre-Departure section!

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