Psychology Summer Program

Psychology Summer Program

Monday, June 24–Friday, June 28, 2013. Applications are due on Monday, May 27, 2013.

High School Summer Program

This summer, IIT College of Psychology is offering "Psychology in Everyday Life" to introduce high school students to the profession of psychology. The workshop will be a rich learning experience designed to help students make the connection between psychological principles and human behavior in everyday life. Students will acquire a broad array of facts about the developing child, the aging adult and everything else that occurs across the lifespan.

Lectures and Discussions

The learning experience for students will look something like this:

Students arrive. They sit in their seats, some in the front row, some in the back. They chat, sip sodas, or just glaze over. At some point, conversations stops, drinks are put aside, and all eyes turn to the professor who looks around the class, and says, "Alright, let's get started." It looks simple enough, but there are tacit and non-verbal rules that govern this complex human interaction. Under the topic headings of Social Influence, Motivation, and Small Group Behavior, the professor explains the underlying, scientifically based principles that define and explain these phenomena. Students are fascinated by the lectures, but the connection between the facts presented and the existence of these facts in their everyday experience of their classroom could easily go unobserved if it weren't for the professor drawing attention to the students' own human behaviors as concrete examples of the principles discussed. Then, the students and professor leave the classroom and go in search of these psychological principles that define behavior in the classroom and every facet of everyday life in the real world.

At IIT, we believe that the point of every psychology class is to help students understand their world. When they walk out of the classroom, they will have acquired a better understanding of various psychological theories and the scientific research these theories are based upon. More importantly, they will have gained an understanding that the value of what they learn in the classroom is not the score on the exam, but is the insight they gain by being able to see and understand the principles of psychology in everyday human behaviors.


Enrollment is limited to 14-18 students per session. Sessions will be led by various faculty members of the College of Psychology at IIT.

Cost/Scholarships and Application Procedure

The program costs $485. A limited number of scholarship awards are available for students with financial need.

To Apply Please Click Here

Click here to view a flyer for the summer program scholarship (PDF).


Field trips are included. Lectures are minimal. There are no multiple-choice midterm exams and no final paper. However, there are plenty of group discussions about the things that fascinate, confuse, excite, and frustrate students in their everyday lives.

"Psychology in Everyday Life" is a one-week series of all-day workshops for commuting students, from Monday, June 24–Friday, June 28, 2013. The workshop will run from 9 am to 5 pm each day. Housing for students is not provided.

Applications are due on Monday, May 27, 2013.

Participants who complete the program are awarded certificates. Teachers keep records of performance and may write letters of recommendation, as requested.

For more information about the program and scholarship assistance, contact:

Jack Spani, MS
Associate Director, Psychology Admissions
Illinois Institute of Technology
College of Psychology
3105 S. Dearborn Street, Suite 252
Chicago, IL 60616
P: 312.567.8945
F: 312.567.3493

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