Testimonials: Tamarah Duperval


My name is Tamarah Duperval and I was a CAHMPS student in 1986-1988, just as I was finishing High School and entering college. Below is a testimonial on cahmps benefits for me.

At the time, cahmps provided a great vehicle for me to be exposed to other students who were also interested in the health professions, but had no other close role models. The classes and tutelage gave me confidence as a student to excel (even placing out of some math classes in high school and college) and the interactions with the staff and alums showed me that my goal to be a physician could happen, no matter how unconventional my path would be. Most valuable for me from the program was the mentoring with physicians of color, who gave advice on everything from volunteering in hospitals, getting through MCATs, and even interviewing. I was a first generation kid born in the US and education system was foreign to my family. Cahmps provided a great introduction.

After I finished the last summer program I went on to Northwestern University to major in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering, fully intent on being a physician. I kept in touch with mentors and classmates (Jeannine Hogg) along the way and became involved with Pre-med interest groups on campus. On graduating from Northwestern, I took a year off from school to work and applied to med school. I started at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the fall of 1992 and finished in 1996. I completed a residency in Family Medicine in 1999 and the following year completed the Commonwealth Fund/Harvard University Fellowship in Minority Health Policy and earned an MPH from Harvard. Now I'm an Attending Physician in Family Medicine at the University of Illinois and the Medical Director of an affiliated Clinic, Mile Square Health Center. I'm grateful for the beginnings that Cahmps gave me and I still encourage young physician hopefuls to check it out as a launching pad towards their goals.


Tamarah Tamarah Duperval, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine
University of Illinois
Medical Director, UIC - Mile Square Health Center
2045 W. Washington, Chicago 60612

Testimonials: Jeannine E. Hogg

The CAHMCP Program IS the major reason I am a successful pediatrician today. While I always knew I wanted to be a doctor from the time I got my first play doctor's kit at 4; I didn't fully understand what that would entail. My parents and family were always incredibly supportive of my academic endeavors, however they were not equipped to help me navigate the waters on the way to medical school. No one in my family had a background in medicine, and for some in my family even the concept of college was a difficult one to understand. But my CAHMCP family was always there for me. I joined CAHMCP at the age of 15 and I continued to have ongoing contact with them all the way through my medical school graduation. They saw me all the way through to reaching my goal, and I will forever be grateful for that. People like Dr. Jones and Mr. Bradley were always there to give me the best advice about classes to take, how to do well on tests like the MCAT, as well as courses to avoid. They rejoiced in my accomplishments and chastised me when I stepped out of line. It was all done with a sense of love, caring and community as strong as any natural family. I was also always grateful for my fellow CAHMCP students because always being the "smart kid" had made me feel like a misfit. However all my summers at CAHMCP, I fit in perfectly. I enjoyed being around a diverse group of kids who had my same goals, who understood my daily struggles, and who to this day remain some of my closet friends as well as colleagues. I will forever be grateful to the role that CAHMCP played in both my personal and professional development. I owe that program a debt of gratitude I will never fully be able to repay.

Sincerely, Jeannine E. Hogg, MD