Most of our research projects can be grouped into the following categories:

  1. -Human Brain Templates and Atlas

  2. -PROPELLER-MRI Data Acquisition / Image Reconstruction

  3. -Clinical Studies

  4. -Turboprop Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Tractography

  5. -Post-mortem MRI

  6. -Diffusion Tensor Imaging Acquisition Schemes

  7. -Functional MRI

  8. -Image Processing

Image Processing


Independent Component Analysis (ICA) in Diffusion Tensor MRI (DTI): In this study, spatial independent component analysis (ICA) was applied to the T2 and DW images. In all cases a single component was detected that was similar to the map of the Trace of the diffusion tensor, but contained a reduced amount of noise. Furthermore, when no correction for eddy current artifacts was used in the image acquisition scheme, the effects of eddy currents were separated by ICA into independent components. After these components were removed, conventional estimation of the diffusion tensor was performed on the modified data. No artifact was contained in the final rotationally invariant scalar quantities that describe the intrinsic diffusion properties. Additionally, independent components that mapped major white matter fiber tracts in the human brain were identified.

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