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Violators of the parking regulations and individuals parking or operating a vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with the normal flow of traffic and/or operations of the university are subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Violators with three or more unpaid tickets are subject to having their vehicle towed from the campus at the vehicle owner or operator's expense.

Vehicles that are parked on IIT property and do not have a valid IIT parking permit properly displayed are subject to having their vehicle ticketed and/or towed from the campus at the vehicle owner's or operator's expense.

Continual or habitual violations of the IIT parking regulations may subject the violator to having his/her vehicle removed from the campus by a private towing company, operating under an agreement with IIT. Such vehicles will continue to be towed by the towing agency until all outstanding fines and charges are paid.

Violators parking in fire lanes, loading zones, service drives, blocking driveways, obstructing traffic, on lawns or grass, or on sidewalks are also subject to removal from the campus, as previously described.

Abandoned vehicles will be removed from the campus. A vehicle shall be deemed abandoned if it does not display proper state registration (license plates) or is in an obvious state of disrepair and has not been operated for 30 consecutive days.

Any vehicle that is parked in such a manner as to constitute a hazard or that impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic shall be removed from campus in accordance with the provisions previously described.

Any vehicle parked in violation of designated "snow route/snow zone", when snow removal operations have begun or when weather conditions indicate snow removal operations will be necessary, shall be removed from the campus in accordance with provisions previously described.

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