Undergraduate Studies Committee                          1/10/2012


Attending Voting Members: J. Saniie (ECE), J. Hopkins (PSYC), M. Beckman (CS), S. Tin (MMAE), Y. Torun (PHYS), F. Teymour (CHBE), R. Trygstad (ITM), G. Fasshauer (AMAT), G. Pulliam (HUM/CAC), S. Sennott (ARCH), U. Segerstrale (SSCI), M. Snyder (CAEE).

Also attending: C. Orze (UGAA), G. Welter (UGAA), M. Gosz (UGA), P. Zachocki (SRR), J. Dorr (GL), K. Cassel (MMAE), J. Kallend (AC), L. Montgomery (SCDI), G. Doyle (UA).


The meeting is chaired by Matt Bauer.

Chair notes there is not a quorum at 12:40 p.m. Meeting is convened for discussion.

Adjourn: 1:38 p.m. Minutes recorded by Pulliam


1) Approval of the minutes of the 11/022/2011 meeting is delayed for a quorum.


Old Business

2a) Discussion on the framework for review of the general education

requirements. The following had been sent back to departments for comment:


Institutional Educational Objectives

(developed from the IIT Vision, Mission, Values and Core Principles, and the

IIT Strategic Plan)

The goal of the undergraduate programs is to prepare minds and equip

graduates to perform successfully in careers in an increasingly complex,

global, technological world. Excellence in a discipline alone is no longer a

sufficient means to such success. The institutional objectives for student

learning are formed through an inter-professional focus on disciplinary

strength, a professional competence, and a broad commitment to social

concerns, demonstrated by the following attributes and skills.


Attributes - first 3 met by every student, the 4th item possibly flexible by


- Interdisciplinary Experience

- Ethics, Leadership and Teamwork

- Global Awareness and Appreciation of Diversity

- Design, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Skills - met by every student

- Disciplinary Strength

- Oral and Written Communication

- Critical Thinking

- Quantitative Reasoning

- Scientific Reasoning


Then after consensus on the above, the next step is to define the general

education objectives needed to support the institutional educational



One comment was submitted in writing by Pulliam, representing Humanities dept and CAC:


January 10, 2012

Statement to the members of the Undergraduate Studies Committee concerning the General Education Subcommittee (GES)

From Greg Pulliam, Humanities representative, Interim CAC Director


There is a serious flaw in this process: one of the five "skills [to be] met by every student" is "Oral and Written Communication," and yet the GES continues to operate without any member who has education or experience in communication pedagogy, a field which has a significant academic history. There are approaches which are known to work, and ones which are known not to work. The GES is thus far ignoring this entire body of knowledge.


I have offered, then asked, then finally strongly urged in this committee that I (or someone with appropriate education and experience) be on the GES to help craft any new or revised implementation of communication skills training, all to no avail. I wish now to make it clear to UGSC members that I cannot assume responsibility for a program that I (or someone else with an appropriate background) have had no role in creating;.


Humanities chair Maureen Flanagan, who is a member of the GES, has advised me to convey her forceful objections to having the Humanities department assume any responsibility for implementing, evaluating, or overseeing a program so conceived. She has already voiced her concerns to the GES about attempting to go forward without serious input from the Humanities department in any restructuring of the general education program that involves "oral and written communication."


No other feedback is presented. Pulliam is added to the General Education Subcommittee


1) Chair notes there is a quorum. Unanimous consent to approve 11/22/11 minutes.


2b) Discussion of co-terminal degrees. Issues included:

            -What is meant by graduate courses (400? 500?)

            -Does a previously approved BS need re-approval?

            -Who handles application and approval?

            -How does degree completion work?

            -Minimum credtis/GPA to apply

            -Goal of Co-T degrees

            -UGSC only concerned with integrity of BS degrees

            -Subcommittee appointed to explore further

                        -J. Kallend, R. Trygstad, C. Orze, P. Zachocki, + at least one GSC

                        appointee to be named later

                        -Int'l Center and Fin. Aid to be kept in the loop

2c) ITP review subcommittee appointed to review and report on current status of ITPs

            F. Teymour, G. Pulliam, S. Sennott, M. Bauer, M. Gosz, G. Doyle


3) New Business-Minors

            -G. Welter: New Minor Creation form to be ready soon;

            -Humanities to take charge of interdisciplinary minors between HUM and SS.