revised minutes of the 1/22/01 meeting follow (see item 2).


Undergraduate Studies Committee

Minutes of Meeting 1/22/01


Present: A. Myerson (chair), P. Anderson, M.Bauer, S. Elbaz,  J. Kallend, J.

LoCicero, A. Megri, J. O'Leary, C. Orze, G. Pulliam, G. Saletta, J. Saniie,

R. Schleser, S. Sitton, J. Stetter, E. Stueben, D. Venerus, J. Way.


1. The minutes of the December 2000 meeting were approved.


2. Prof. LoCicero proposed  (a) that the General Education Requirement for

Introduction to the Professions (ITP) be a minimum of two credit hours for

all programs, to be taken in the freshman year, and (b) that two contact

hours every other week be the common ITP100 course.   Prof. LoCicero

suggested that with the approval of the chair, parts (a) and (b) be taken

separately. A short discussion on part (a) followed (Venerus, LoCicero,

Saniie, Bauer, O'Leary, Myerson). Part (a) of the motion was approved with

10 votes in favor and 3 votes against.


Part (b) of LoCicero's motion was then discussed (Schleser, Saletta,

Pulliam, Bauer, Myerson, Way). Consideration of part (b) was postponed to a

later date until issues of quality and content have been resolved.  Sitton

asked for clarification of scheduling the common section of ITP for this

fall. Dean Myerson stated that participation in the common section will be

at the discretion of each department for Fall, 2001.


3. There was a discussion of issues relating to internet courses for

undergraduates (Bauer, Pulliam, Myerson, Venerus, Way, Elbaz, Saniie). Dean

Myerson asked Bauer and LoCicero to survey their departmental colleagues to

determine if any problems had arisen, and indicated that Dean Cinar would be

surveying IIT Online users.


4. Prof. LoCicero informed the committee that he was considering a request

for a special meeting of the Undergraduate Studies Committee to discuss the

administration of undergraduate programs.  Dean Myerson stated that it would

be inappropriate for him to chair such a meeting and that he would recuse



jk  01/01, Revised 02/02/01