Minutes of the Undergraduate Studies Committee

January 28, 2014


Acting chair (Bauer)

Minutes (Bauer)


Meeting commenced at 12:50pm


In attendance

Voting (13)

Bauer(CS), Twombly (SSB), Koehr (ROTC), Shylnov (PHYS), Cesarone(MMAE),

Lee (PSYC), Snyder(CAEE), Kocurek (HUMA), Safar (INTM), Unni (CHEM),

Karun (CHE), Aderele (SGA), Troyk (BME)



Smith(UGAA), Gorzkowski(UGAA), Welter(UGAA),



Approval of Minutes from 11/26/13 passed unanimously


BS in Astrophysics presented by Shylnov/Laurent-Muehleisen. Second

reading. Brief discussion on notifying admissions for marketing. Notifying

UGAA for new Astrophysics minor. Vote taken, passed unanimously


ME/AE dual degree (Cesarone), slight change removing 1 required class.

Still fine in total number of credit hours for dual degree so FYI to UGSC

and UGAA only


New Coterminal Business degrees. Twombly spoke briefly, will bring

official documents to next meeting. SSB is interested in partnering with

other department for coterminal degrees (PSYC? ITM?)


General discussion on coterminal degrees. FAQ is forthcoming from assoc

provost's office


Course retake policy (Aderele) working on rewrite of the proposal with

UGSC subcommittee. Should be ready to present at the next meeting


Request after the meeting to have UG Advisor training again, Bauer will



Adjourned 1:15pm