Undergraduate Studies Committee                          Minutes 9/14/10


Attending Voting Members: J. Abbasian (ChBE), P. Arce (SGA).M. Bauer (CS), K. Ellington (Psych), M. Gosz (MMAE), L. Hosman (SocSci), G. Fasshauer (Math), D. Kamper (BME), C. Koehler (MSED), G. Pulliam (Hum), R. Ruiz (MMAE), M. Snyder (CAEE), K. Spink (BCPS), S. Sennott (Arch), A Tower (AF ROTC), J. Twombly (SSB), R. Trygstad (ITM).


Attending IIT Guests: J. Dorr (Library), G. Doyle (Undergrad Admissions), T. Jacobius (IPRO), M. Lopez (Undergrad Acad. Affairs), C. Roberts (JTSB),C. Segre (BCPS), E. Warrior (Registrar), .


The meeting is chaired by John Snapper.

The Chair notes that there is a quorum for business. Convene 12:45 PM.

Adjourn 1:45 PM. The minutes are recorded by Greg Pulliam.


The minutes of the Sept 2010 meeting are accepted with corrections by unanimous consent.


It was moved and seconded on Sept 12 that

All units offering (S) courses review upper level courses to determine which can be offered without prerequisites.

The motion passes by unanimous consent.


It was moved and seconded on Sept 12 that

The UGSC urges the administration to implement the SGA proposal for a

Foreign Language Program.

The motion passes by unanimous consent.


The UGSC notes that the Foreign Language Program proposed by the SGA will, if implemented, probably be offered through the Department of Humanities. The UGSC notes that the Department of Humanities does not have the resources needed to support that program. If implemented, additional resources must be provided.


J. Twombly presents revisions to the curricula for the BS in Business Administration and the BS in Business and Applied Science. The changes are mostly within the required business courses in the core program, or within the options for technical and free electives, leaving the total number of required credits unchanged at 126 credits. The changes will be reviewed by the UGSC for comment at the next meeting.


C. Nippert-Eng presents two new degrees to be offered by the Department of Social sciences. It is moved and seconded that

       The UGSC endorses the creation of a BS in Sociology and a BS in Social Sciences, with the

       curricula presented by the Department of Social Sciences.

On UGSC policy, a vote is deferred to the next meeting of the UGSC.


K. Spink presents a concentration in secondary education within the BS in Physics. The concentration makes room for courses required for a secondary education teaching certificate by substituting those courses for electives and for two upper division physics courses. It is moved and seconded that

       The UGSC endorses the proposed concentration.

On UGSC policy, a vote is deferred to the next meeting of the UGSC.

In preparation for that vote, MSED will review the proposed curriculum. It is noted that the teaching certificate may require a small number of practice teaching credits beyond the 126 required for the BS.


Dr. Abbasian notes that the UGSC approved (Feb 14, 2006) the increase in credit hours in the Chem-E BS program from 131 to 132 credit hours. The UGSC notes that the Bulletin is in error, describing the program as 131 credits. The UGSC asks for a correction to the Bulletin at the next opportunity. Dr. Snapper will ask the Faculty Council whether the change received faculty endorsement.


M. Gosz briefs the UGSC on the innovations in the IPRO program, including (a) the allocation of resources broken down by participating college or institute, (b) the creation of the Idea Shop with facilities for IPRO projects, and (c) a syllabus for a pilot version of a IPRO-379 “Interpretation by Design.”


The meeting is adjourned without opportunity to discuss several items from the agenda. Those items will be included on the agenda for the next meeting.


M. Bauer distributes notes on a new course option for the CS gen education option.

J. Snapper distributes notification of University Faculty Council changes to the formula for unit representation to the UGSC and for selection of a chair to the UGSC.

J. Snapper distributes a proposed check list of items to be included in new degree proposals.