Minutes of the Undergraduate Studies Committee



Attending Voting Members: B. Steffenson (SSCI), G. Pulliam (HUM/CAC), J. Miller (PSYC), G. Popovic (MSED), A. Schachman (ARCH), C. Wark (MMAE), C. Hood (CS), R. Trygstad (ITM), R. Ellis (AMAT), N. Menhart (BIOL), J. Saniie (ECE), J. Budiman (CAEE), V. Shah (SGA), A. Unni (CHEM), J. Twombly (SSB), P. Troyk (BME), N. Karuri (CHBE), S. Lindmark (ROTC).


Also attending: G. Welter (UGAA), J. Gorzkowski (UGAA), G. Smith (UGAA), C. Emmons (Assessment), P. Anderson (ACE), C. White (Academic Affairs), V. Foster (Compliance), P. Zachocki (Registrar), C. Torres (CoA), T. Brasek (NROTC), F. Bronet (Provost).


Absent departments: INTM, PHYS.

Quorum is declared at 12:49.

Adjourn at 1:46.

Documents pertaining to this meeting are at:


Meeting is chaired by Kathryn Spink.

Minutes recorded by Pulliam.


1)   Minutes of the 9/22/2015 meeting are approved by assent.


New Business 

2) (Bronet) The new provost came to meet with the committee for the first time, and to begin a discussion of opening up some UG academic programs to greater curricular “flexibility.”


3) (Menhart and Miller) Proposal for Dual Degree program in PSYC and BIOL. The issue garnering most discussion was the program’s specifying 6 hours/two courses of the SS core curriculum requirement (to be continued).


4) Information item:  Change to Bachelor of Information Technology & Management Curriculum.  New Math requirements are: MATH 230 and a Statistics Elective (BUS 221, PSYC 203 or MATH 425).