Undergraduate Studies Committee                                            Minutes 10/14/04


Attending Voting Members:  Z. Berkaliev (for Lederman/MSE),  R. Gordon (for Huyck/PSYC),  Peter Johnson (BCPS),  J. Kallend (MMAE), J. LoCicero (ECE), K. McKee (MT),  J. O'Leary (CAE), M. Poros (SOC), G. Pullliam (HUM), J. Snapper (for Power/HUM), G. Saletta (ECE), E. Stueben (MATH),  J. Twombly (IBIS).


Attending Ex-Officio Members:  K. Cassel  (Fac. Council), D. Easely (GSA), D. Geiger (Student Life), T. McClain (for Benner/Admissions), C. Orze (Ed. Serv.).


Attending Guests:   G. Broadhead (CAC), T. Carroll (Reg), I. Khan (CSL), R. Nicholes (Reg.), S. Sitton (Asst. Prov.), K Smith (OMSS),  C. Wark (AC), G. Welter (Ed.Serv.)


The meeting is chaired by Dean D. Ucci.

The minutes are recorded by Dean J. Snapper.

Convene 12:45 PM.  Adjourn 1:45 PM.


The minutes of the meetings of 5/13/04 and 9/23/04 are approved with corrections.


Dean Ucci reported on the University Faculty Council discussion of the USC resolution of 4/22/04 on the IPRO general education requirement.   The UFC requests that the USC provide it with a position statement setting out the grounds for the resolution.  By consensus, the USC:

  (a)     Establishes a subcommittee to draft the statement.   The Committee is

            J. O'Leary, M. Huyck, J. LoCicero, M. Bauer.

(b)     Asks USC members and participants to suggest bullet points to the Committee. These points must be submitted by 10/21 by email to locicero@iit.edu, with a cc to pulliam@iit.edu and snapper@iit.edu.  

(c}     The Committee will submit a draft summary of the bullet points to the USC at its next meeting.


The USC discussed revisions to the Handbook definition of the USC, which will be submitted to the appropriate UFC committee.  It is moved and seconded that

The žDescriptionÓ portion of that proposed revision is:

There shall be an Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGSC) that shall review and recommend to the UFC and the university faculty new programs and the financial support needed to implement them.  The UGSC shall formulate policy and recommend to the UFC and the university faculty General Education and graduation requirements as well as admission standards.  The UGSC shall review, approve, and inform the UFC of course and program modifications, including ancillary university-wide academic policies related to undergraduate programs, such as testing, placement, proficiency, and grading.  The UGSC shall review, as needed, existing degree programs, particularly those not subjected to external accreditation review, and report findings to the UFC.

The motion passes 10/0.


Mr. Pulliam presented a proposal from the Lewis Dept. of Humanities for a BS in Journalism of Technology, Science and Business.


Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the USC.