Undergraduate Studies Committee                                 Minutes 10/14/08


Attending Voting Members:  M. Bauer (CS), A. Chipman (SGA). J. Chong (BCPS), R. Gordon (Psych), R. Krawczyk (Arch), M. Nieswandt (MSED), J. O'Leary (CAEE), M. Pelsmajer (Math), G. Pulliam (Hum), M. Shapiro, (SS), K. Spink (BCPS), R. Trygstad (CPD), J. Twombly (SSB), G. Williamson (ECE).


Attending IIT Guests:  G. Doyle (Undergrad. Admissions), G. Smith (Ed. Serv.), G. Welter (Ed. Serv.), P. Zachocki (Registrar)


The meeting is chaired by Greg Fasshauer.

The minutes are recorded by John Snapper.

Convene 12:50 PM.  Adjourn 1:45 PM.


The Chair notes that there is a quorum for business.


Dr. Pelsmajer described a proposed combined BS/MS degree program in Applied Mathematics.


It is moved and seconded that:

The combined BS/MS program in Applied Mathematics includes no significant changes to the BS degree.   The combined program must be reviewed the Graduate Studies Committee. 

The motion passes by unanimous consent.


It is moved and seconded that

The UGSC will create subcommittees of two (or more) persons to review designations of courses as satisfying general education requirements. There will be subcommittees for reviewing general education courses in Computer Science, in Humanities, in Mathematics, in Natural Science or Engineering, in Social or Behavioral Sciences, and in Writing and Communication,   Each of these subcommittee will have UGSC authority to approve new designations.   Each subcommittee will report back to the UGSC in a timely way about its decisions.   The UGSC has the authority to leave or to reverse the decision of the subcommittee.  In general, the subcommittee should include one person from a unit that typically offers the relevant courses, and one person from a unit that does not typically offer such courses.  

The motion passes by unanimous consent.


The UGSC expresses particular concern over the designation of courses to satisfy general education in Writing and Communication (courses marked with a ěCî in the Bulletin).   The UGSC suggests that the designation of C-courses may need a complete review.


Mr. Welter explained a change in IIT policy on acceptance of transfer credit.   In past years, IIT restricted transfer credit from U.S. institutions to institutions accredited by a regional accrediting agency (including the North Central Association that accredits IIT).    IITís policy now is also to accept transfer credit from institutions accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.   IIT will continue to apply its established criteria for transfer credit for particular courses. 


Dr. Snapper drew the attention of the UGSC to the action of the University Faculty at its April 08 meeting.  At that meeting, the University Faculty referred a motion to the UGSC. The motion would add a statement to the Faculty Handbook emphasizing UGSC authority to approve all changes to the general education requirements and to approve all changes to course designations for general education.


J. Snapper, Secretary to the UGSC