Undergraduate Studies Committee                                         Minutes 10/15/2001


Attending Voting Members:   Abbasian (CHE), Barrett (Hum), Bauer (CS), Irving (BCPS), Kallend (MMAE), Kaplan (BCPS), LoCicero (ECE), Lum (Arch), Mandal (BCPS), Megri (CAE), McKee (MTM), O’Leary (CAE), Price (SocSci),  Pulliam (Hum), Saletta (ECE), Stueben( Math), Raman (MMAE), Twombly (Bus), Venerus (CHE), Wark (MMAE).


Attending non-Voting Members:  Hites (CNS), Schneider (SLC), Snapper (AC), Voland (UGC), Weleter (EdServ). 


Attending non-Members: Foster (FinAid), Waters (Reg),  Jacobius (UGC), Wolach (Psych), Schmaus (Hum)


The UGSC recognizes Prof. Lum as the representative of the School of Architecture (replacing Prof. Karidis).   The UGSC recognizes Prof. Wolach as representing Psych (voting proxy for Prof. Schleser).   The UGSC recognizes Prof. Snapper by appointment of Dean Myerson, acting as secretary for the UGSC. 


The UGSC is chaired by Prof. Voland.


The UGSC accepts the minutes of the meeting of 5/3/01.


UGSC agrees to discuss a proposal for the introduction of a WE grade (agenda item 4a) at the head of the agenda.


The proposal to introduce a WE grade is discussed.   A committee including Foster, Saletta, Waters, and Welter is appointed to formulate a formal motion on the topic to be brought to the UGSC at a future meeting.


On the request of Prof. Voland, Prof. Snapper takes over as chair and Prof. Pulliam takes over as secretary of the UGSC for action on Resolution 1 that moves that “the undergraduate requirement for a minimum of six credit hours of IPRO type courses be immediately suspended.”


The UGSC discusses the subsidiary motion that replaces the motion for suspension in Resolution 1 with the motion that “the General Education Requirement for IPRO be reduced to three credit hours.”  (O'Leary, LoCicero, Voland, Snapper, Schneider, Stueben speak)


Professor Voland informed the committee that “… the Undergraduate College will provide $4,000  stipends (for non-capital expenditures) to each basic academic unit to help support its participation in the IPRO program, proportional to the number of IPRO courses led by full-time faculty from that unit as part of their regular course load. (This sum is not increased if a single faculty member teaches two or more IPROs in one semester.)  In cases where an IPRO is led jointly by faculty members from different academic units, the stipend amount will be divided accordingly and issued to each respective unit.”


Prof. Pulliam moves to table Resolution 1 until the next UGSC meeting.   Prof. Barrett seconds the motion.   The motion to table passes (12/6)


The UGSC discusses Resolution 2,  a motion that “the blocking out of scheduled times slots for IPRO type courses be immediately discontinued.” (O'Leary, LoCicero, Voland, Kallend, Schneider, Barrett, Bauer, Saletta, Snapper, and Pulliam speak)


Prof. LoCicero moves that the language of the subsidiary motion be changed to read “the blocking out of a scheduled time slot for IPRO type courses be immediately discontinued.”   The motion to change the language is seconded by Prof. Barrett.  The motion to change the language fails. 


Resolution 2 passes (16/2).  


There is no vote on the Resolution 1, pending a vote on the tabled subsidiary motion calling for reduction of the general education requirement.


Prof. Voland takes over as chair for the remainder of the meeting.  Prof. Snapper acts as secretary.


Prof. Bauer informs the UGSC committee of minor adjustments to the undergraduate degrees in CS, including the reduction of ITPs in those programs to two credit hours.


Prof. Schmaus  moves for the creation of a BS degree in philosophy.  Prof. Barrett seconds the motion.   The motion is discussed.      


The Dec. 17 meeting of the UGSC will be rescheduled to earlier in the month.






Prof. Snapper

Secretary to the UGSC.