Undergraduate Studies Committee

Minutes of Meeting 10/17/2000

Present: A. Myerson (chair), S. Cooper, P. Anderson, M. Bauer, S. Elbaz, J. Fisher, J. Kallend, J. LoCicero, A. Megri, J. O’Leary, C. Orze, R. Price, G. Pulliam, G. Saletta, R. Schleser, S. Sitton, E. Stueben, T. Tagliavia, J. Todd, D. Venerus, G.

Voland, C. Wark, G. Welter

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
  2. Motion from Lewis Department of Humanities to approve re-categorization of ENGL courses as LIT or COM was approved unanimously.
  3. A proposal from the Computer Science Department to require MATH149 as a co-requisite for CS105 was introduced by M. Bauer. There was discussion (Stueben, Kallend, Sitton, LoCicero, Wark, Pulliam) on the validity of the data presented, and the contribution of the MATH148 and 149 content to a student’s success in CS105. MB was asked to consult further with faculty in CS and other departments.
  4. G. Voland distributed a synopsis of the 1997 faculty committee report that defined the IPRO learning objectives. GVdescribed the proposed ENPROs, and stated that they were, in fact, in compliance with the IPRO core learning objectives. J. Fisher presented additional details about the ENPRO initiative and a possible Entrepreneurship minor. There was extensive discussion (LoCicero, Myerson, Saletta, Orze, Bauer, Wark, Todd, Cooper).
  5. GV described the Leadership Certificate. There was general consensus that this was not an academic program, and it was recommended that an alternate name be used.
  6. GV described the process leading to the introduction of the ITP100 course, and the course content. Discussion (LoCicero, Saletta, Orze, Kallend, Wark) concerned the need for approval by UGSC, the increased student workload, short notice given to departments, grading, and the need to review departmental ITP course content to eliminate duplications. GV will report to the UGSC next semester on the outcome of the ITP100 course.
  7. The Chair asked all affected departments to prepare a statement of their goals for ITP before the next meeting.

John Kallend - Secretary