Undergraduate Studies Committee                                         Minutes 10/09/03


Attending Voting Members:  M. Bauer (CS), J. LoCicero (ECE), C. Hall (BME), A. Megri (CAE),  K, McKee (MT).  M. Poros (SS), G. Pulliam (Hum), P. Ruiz (MMAE),  S. Sennott (Arch), E. Stueben (Math), R. Trygstad (InfoTech), J. Twombly (Stuart), A. Wolach (Psyc),  


Non-Voting Attendees: R. Ayman (Psyc), B. Brenner (Admissions), G. Broadhead (Comm. Subcomm),  J. Heinrich (Naval Sci),  I. Khan (Coll of Sci & Let),  M. Lopez (Ed Serv), C. Stewart (Galvin Library),  O. Trigalo (OTS),  J. Waters (Registrar).


The meeting is Chaired by Dean D. Ucci.

The minutes are recorded by Dean J. Snapper (for Dean C. Wark).


The minutes of the meeting of Sept. 18, 2003 are approved.


Prof. Ayman presented a proposal from the Institute of Psychology for:

            The creation of a minor in Human Resource Development

No formal vote is taken.


Prof. Ayman presented a proposal from the Institute of Psychology for

            The creation of a combined degree program through which students may

earn both a BS in Psychology and a MS in Personal Human Resource

Development in five years.

It is the consensus of the USC that the undergraduate portion of this proposal is primarily an internal question for the Institute of Psychology.  The undergraduate portion of the program raises no broader issues, and it does not need formal authorization of the USC.   The Institute of Psychology must present the Graduate Studies Committee with the proposal for the use of courses to satisfy the MS degree requirements that have also been used to satisfy the BS degree requirements.


The USC discussed the institution of a review of the template for the time periods at which courses are offered.  The USC will discuss the formation of an appropriate subcommittee at its next meeting.


Prof. LoCicero moves that the USC institute a review (a) of the IPRO program and (b) of the IPRO general education requirement.   The motion is seconded.   The motion will be discussed at the next meeting of the USC.



Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the USC.