Undergraduate Studies Committee                                         Minutes 12/5/03


Attending Voting Members:   W. Grimshaw (SocSci), J. LoCicero (ECE), K. McKee (MTM) A. Megri (CAE), J. OLeary (CAE), M. Power (Hum), G. Pulliam (Hum), G. Saletta (ECE), E. Stueben (Math), D. Ucci (ECE), A. Wolach (Psyc).


Non-Voting Attendees:  G. Broadhead (Hum),  A. Collver (SLC), J. Fischer (Undergrad. College), Orze (Ed. Services), J. Snapper (Undergrad College), G. Voland (Undergraduate College), G. Welter (Ed. Services).


The meeting is chaired by Prof. Voland.


The minutes of Nov 7 are approved.


The following motion remains as unfinished business from  Nov 7.

The CAC director will chair and periodically consult with two advisory boards: (1) a faculty advisory boards serving as a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Studies Committee and (2) a professional advisory board (with representation from area and national employers, professional groups, and alumni).  Both boards will meet at least once a year to review the CAC program and make recommendations to the director.  The faculty advisory board will also assist the director in the periodic review of relevant courses (ITPs, C-courses, and IPROs) to insure their consistency with CAC goals and policies.  Based on this review, the CAC director will make recommendations to the USC regarding the C-course designation for specific classes.

The motion is modified (with the consent of Prof.. Broadhead, director of the Communications Across the Curriculum program) to read as follows:

The Undergraduate Studies Committee will have a Subcommittee on Communications Across the Curriculum Review.  The SCACR will review and make recommendation relating to the Communications Across the Curriculum program, with special consideration to courses designated C in support of that program.   The SCACR will be chaired by the Director of the Communications Across the Curriculum program.

The motion passes (6-0-1).



Prof. Snapper

Secretary to the USC.