Undergraduate Studies Committee                                      Minutes 12/08/05


Attending Voting Members: J. Abbasian (CHE), M. Bauer (CS), G. Broadhead (HUM), L. Coffey (BCPS), D. Cork (BCPS), G. Fasshauer (MATH), C. Hall (BME), Peter Johnson (BCPS), J. Kallend (MMAE), J. Lederman (MSE), J. LoCicero (ECE), J. O'Leary (CAE), M. Poros (SOC), G. Pullliam (HUM), G. Raman (MMAE), G. Saletta (ECE), S. Sennott (ARCH), A. Towler (PSYC), R. Trygstad (ITM), J. Twombly (IBIS), M. Vural (MMAE).


Attending Ex-Officio Members: M. Isoda (Student Government), C. Orze (Ed. Services), M.A. Rowand (Enrollment Mgmt), S. Sitton (Asst. Provost) C. Stewart (Library).


Attending IIT Guests: G. Shipporeit (Arch), G. Weleter (Ed. Services), J. Zasadzinski (BCPS),


The meeting is chaired by Dean D. Ucci.

The minutes are recorded by Dean J. Snapper.

Convene 12:45 PM. Adjourn 1:45 PM.


The Chair notes that the UGSC has a quorum for business.


The minutes of the meetings of 10/11/05 are approved.


Dr. Snapper informs the UGSC that the University Faculty Council appointed him at its 11/21/05 meeting to form a task force to review the UGSC motion of April 04 on the IPRO general education requirement. A task force has been tentatively established, with the hopes of completing its work in February 06.


It is moved an seconded that the UGSC endorses the statement of the Objectives of IIT Undergraduate Education distributed by Prof. Kallend to the UGSC.


It is moved and seconded that the phrase ³the use of information technologies² be amended to read ³the use of information and computer technologies.²

The motion to amend passes (20-0).


It is moved and seconded that the concluding phrase ³An enthusiasm for the educational process and for professional practice² be amended by the deletion of the words ³and for professional practice.²

The motion to amend passes (9-6).


It is moved and seconded that the concluding phrase ³An enthusiasm for the educational process² be revised to read ³An awareness of educational processes and need for lifelong learning.²

The motion to revise passes (19-1).


The motion to endorse the amended statement of objectives passes (20-1).


The endorsed statement of Objectives of an IIT Undergraduate Education is:



Objectives of an IIT Undergraduate Education


The general goals of the undergraduate programs are to educate individuals for careers in professional practice and to provide the basis for advanced study. The institutional objectives for student learning have been defined by the faculty in terms of the attributes desired in an IIT graduate. These may be summarized as:


Proficiency in a professional discipline.


Skill in: Oral, written and graphical communication; the use of information and computer technologies; quantitative analysis and computation; working effectively in groups.


An appreciation of human behavior, culture, interaction & organizations through studies in the humanities and social sciences.


An understanding of the interprofessional environment in which professionals function, including the ethical dimensions of professional practice.


A basic understanding of science and engineering and their linkages to key technologies.


An awareness of educational processes and the need for lifelong learning.



Prof. Abassian presented proposed revisions to the Chemical Engineering Degree. The revisions are mostly changes in specific technical courses. The revisions will increase the total number of credit hours in the program from 131 to 132 credit hours.


Prof. Shipporeit presented a proposed revision to the physics sequence taken by architecture majors. A single four-credit course ³building physics² will replace the present two-course, six-credit sequence physics 211-212. The curriculum will retain the two-credits, applying them to elective courses.


It is moved and seconded that, at its next meeting, the UGSC review the way in which the General Education Requirement is met by courses in the degree curricula.

The motion passes (20-1).


The meeting adjourns, postponing two remaining agenda items to the next meeting:

- Resolution in support of improved teaching laboratories (Peter Johnson)

- Review of Objectives of the HSS general education program (John Snapper)


Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the UGSC.