Undergraduate Studies Committee                                                      Minutes 2/12/08


Attending Voting Members: A. Bain (SGA),  M. Gosz (MMAE), G. Fasshauer (AM), R. Gordon (Psych), J. Kallend (MMAE), A. Megri (CAE), C. Morgan (ROTC), S. Parelukar (BCPS), J. Saniie (ECE), J. Snapper (Hum), K. Spink (BCPS),  J. Twombly (Bus), R. Tygstad (CPD), G. Williamson (ECE).


Attending IIT Guests:  A. Chipman (SGA), D. Geiger (Student Life),  J. Lloyd (Admissions), J. Miller (SGA), G. Welter (Ed. Serv.), D. Williams (MMAE), P. Zachocki (Registraršs office)


The meeting is chaired by John O'Leary.

The minutes are recorded by John Snapper.

Convene 12:50 PM.  Adjourn 1:40 PM.


The Chair notes that there is a quorum for business.


The UGSC approves the minutes of the meeting of Nov 13, 2007, by unanimous consent.


The UGSC sets a special meeting on March 4 (at 12:45) for review of the Banner software that is to replace the present Student Information Services software.   The regular meeting of the UGSC will be the following Tuesday, March 11.  


The University Faculty Council has asked the UGSC for a statement of the membership of the committee (mandated by the Full Faculty) that reviews the funding of the IPRO program, with particular attention to policy on compensation to a unit when faculty from the unit direct an IPRO project.   The UGSC confirms that it acts as a committee of the whole for that review. 


Discussion of policy on concurrent degrees is postponed to the next meeting of the UGSC.


Prof. Kallend informs the UGSC of his impression that a surprisingly large number of on-campus undergraduates are taking on-line sections of courses that are also offered live on campus.   The UGSC expressed concerns over this practice, and over the apparent fact that there is no university-wide policy regulating the practice.  The UGSC creates a subcommittee to assess the situation, including a study of the numbers of students involved, the reasons students take on-line sections, and policies at other universities concerning this practice:  John Kallend (chair), Adam Bain, Aubrey Chipman, Jenifer Miller, Kathryn Spink, and Peter Zachocki.


Mr. Trygstad informs the UGSC of the membership of the category-I faculty oversight board for the degree programs offered by the Center for Profession Development.   The oversight board is:  M. Barriff (Bus), G. Broadhead (Hum and Dir. of Technical Communications), R. Carlson (CS and Dir. of Rice Campus), C. Hood (Assoc. Chair of CS) , S. Nair (MMAE and Assoc. Dean of the Graduate College), J. Saniie (Assoc. Chair of ECE), and J. Snapper (Hum and Sec. to the UGSC).   Mr. Trygstad will present a formal statement of the composition and duties of the board at the next UGSC meeting.


J. Snapper, Secretary to the UGSC