Minutes of the Undergraduate Studies Committee - 2/25/2014


Attending Voting Members: M. Snyder (CAEE), M. Bauer (CS), G. Pulliam (HUM/CAC), M. Safar (INTM), J. Cesarone (MMAE), E-J Lee (PSYC), B. Steffenson (SSCI), R. Trygstad (ITM), L. Coffey (PHYS), S. Sennott (ARCH), J. Twombly (SSB), A.Uuni (CHEM), N. Karuri (CHBE), G. Popovic (MSED), B. Koehr (ROTC).


Also attending: G. Welter (UGAA), J. Gorzkowski (UGAA), L. Massengale (GL), R. Krawczyk (ARCH), C. White (Academic Affairs), M. Flanagan (HUM/SSCI).


Absent departments: AM, BIOL, BME, ECE, SGA.


Quorum: 12:50


Documents pertaining to this meeting are at:



Meeting is chaired by Matt Bauer.

Adjourn: 1:45 p.m. Minutes recorded by Pulliam.


Old business

1)  (Krawczyk) Modifications to B. Arch. Degree approved unanimously.


 New business

2) Minutes of 2/11/2014 meeting are approved.


3) (Twombly) BS in Business Administration/MS in Marketing Analytics & Communication Co-terminal degree approved unanimously.


4) (Twombly) BS in Business Administration/MS in Finance Co-terminal degree approved unanimously.


5) Discussion: revisions to IITŐs general education requirements (ongoing).