Undergraduate Studies Committee                                         Minutes 03/11/2002


Attending Voting Members:   Abbasian (CHE), M.Bauer (CS), Irving (BCPS), Kallend (MMAE), LoCicero (ECE), Mandal (BCPS), McKee (MTM), O’Leary (MMAE), Power (Hum), Price (SocSci), Pulliam (Hum), Ramen (MMAE), Salleta (ECE), Schleser (Psyc), Stueben (Math), Twombly (Bus. Sch), Wark (MMAE)


Attending non-Voting Members:  Schneider (SLC), Snapper (UGC), Voland (UGC). 


Attending non-Members: ElBaz (Galv. Libr.), Jacobius (UGC), Mehta (BS CHE)


The meeting is chaired by Prof. Voland.


The minutes of the meeting of 2/18/02 are approved.


Mr. Ankit Mehta (BS student in CHE) introduces for discussion a proposal that IIT offer an “Undergraduate Honors Thesis Program.”   The USC appoints Prof. Irving to chair a subcommittee to formulate up a more detailed proposal for action.


Prof. Pulliam moves the creation of a “BS in Humanities.”   The motion is seconded and will be considered for action at the next meeting of the USC.



Prof. Snapper

Secretary to the USC.