Undergraduate Studies Committee                          Minutes 3/2/10


Attending Voting Members: M. Bauer (CS), K. Ellington (Psych), A. Glodowski (BCPS), M. Gosz (MMAE), L. Hosman (SocSci), G. Fasshauer (Math), A. Flueck (ECE), D. Kamper (BME), C. Koehler (MSED), R. Krawczyk (Arch), V. Perez-Luns (ChBE), G. Pulliam (Hum), R. Ruiz (MMAE), M. Snyder (CAEE), K. Spink (BCPS), S. Sennott (Arch), R. Trygstad (ITM), J. Twombly (SSB).


Attending IIT Guests: J. Dorr (Library), J. Doyle (Admissions), A. Smith (Tech News), G. Welter (Undergrad. Acad. Affairs).


The meeting is chaired by John Kallend. The minutes are recorded by John Snapper.

The Chair notes that there is a quorum for business. Convene 12:45 PM. Adjourn 1:45 PM.


The minutes of the Feb 9, 2010 meeting are accepted by unanimous consent.


At the 2/9/10 meeting, the UGSC moved to endorse modifications to the BS in Material Science, posted at the UGSC web-site. The modifications reduce the required credit hours in the curriculum from 128 to 126 credit hours. The UGSC votes to endorse the modifications [17-0].


Dr. Gosz, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, suggests changes to the definition of probation, as it appears in the Student Handbook. Central to the changes is the statement of conditions for probation based on failure to maintain Ďacademic progress.í The UGSC commented on the changes, making suggestions. Dr. Gosz will solicit further input from UGSC members and bring the modified statement back to the UGSC for vote at the next meeting.


Dr. Pulliam informs the UGSC of a new minor in Legal Studies, consisting of a courses offered by several units. The UGSC considers this an information item, not requiring vote.


Dr. Pulliam draws the attention of the UGSC to the motions passed in 2009 calling for review and, if necessary, modification to the program in Communication Across the Curriculum. It is moved and seconded that:

-- Whereas The university has made significant commitment to improving studentís communication skills through the Communication across the Curriculum (CAC) program and its Communication Intensive (C) courses, and

-- Whereas, Courses carrying the (C) designation are require by the faculty to meet specific requirements regarding communication instruction, and

-- Whereas, The faculty have established a process for evaluating and periodically reviewing all (C) courses, and this process requires a full-time CAC director to implement it;

Therefore be it Resolved that

The faculty request the provost to move immediately to hire a full-time CAC director, to be in place before the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year.

On UGSC policy, a vote is deferred until the next meeting of the UGSC.


Dr. Snapper informs the UGSC that the University Faculty Council voted to endorse the UGSC motion 2/9/10 to reduce the open period at the start of a semester for students to add a course without permission.


J. Snapper, Secretary to the UGSC