Undergraduate Studies Committee                                                     Minutes 4/11/06


Attending Voting Members: M. Anastasio (BME), L Coffey (BCPS), D. Cork (BCPS), G. Fasshauer (MATH), Peter Johnson (BCPS), J. LoCicero (ECE), J. O'Leary (CAE), M. Poros (SOC), G. Pulliam (HUM), S. Sennott (ARCH), A. Tower (PSYC), R. Trygstad (ITM), J. Twombly (IBIS), M. Vural (MMAE), J Zawojewski (MSE).


Attending Ex-Officio Members: A. Glodowski (AF ROTC), K Hammes (SGA), D. Lausen (Army ROTC), M. McClain (Admissions), C. Stewart (Library).


Attending IIT Guest: T. Carroll (Registarís Office), M.A. Rowan (V.P. for Enrollment), S. Sitton (Asst. Provost), K. Spink (BCPS), P. Troyk (BME).


The meeting is chaired by Dean D. Ucci.

The minutes are recorded by Dean J. Snapper.

Convene 12:45 PM. Adjourn 1:30 PM.


The Chair notes that the UGSC has a quorum for business.


The minutes of the meetings of 3/07/06 are approved.


J. Snapper informs the UGSC that he informed the Faculty Council of the following UGSC actions on the following matters. The UFC choose not to review these actions and to leave the action of the UGSC as the final resolution on these matters.

                 Statement of Objectives for Undergraduate Education 12/08/05

                 Change in the Architecture Curriculum, including the Physics course 2/14/06

                 Extension of the Information Technology and Management Degree 3/07/06

                 Name change to Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management degree 4/11/06.

                 Statement of HSS Gen Ed objectives 4/11/06


It is moved an seconded that

                 The Bachelor in Manufacturing Technology and Management degree change its name

                 to Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management.

The motion passes (14-0)


It is moved and seconded that

                 The UGSC endorses the statement of objectives for the general education program

                 in humanities and social sciences.

The motion passes (14-0).


P. Troyk, Chair of the University Faculty Council, informs the UGSC that IIT administration has raised questions concerning the revised structure of UGSC, as passed at the faculty meeting on 2/24/06 for incorporation into the bylaws. Prof. Troyk assessed the views of the UGSC on the importance of three features of the revised structure.

(i) The UGSC gives strong support of the inclusion of a voting representative of student government.

(ii) The UGSC gives strong support for the inclusion of a voting representative of the ROTC programs.

(iii) The UGSC expressed mixed support for the manner for selection of a chair to the committee.


On behalf of the Dept of BCPS, K. Spink introduced a new degree program leading to a BS in Biochemistry. In keeping with UGSC policy on new motions, a vote is postponed until the next meeting.


J. OíLeary informs the UGSC that he has formed the subcommittee to study procedures for designating which courses satisfy the general education requirements. The committee may not be able to complete its work in the present semester.


Peter Johnson describes the current IIT general liability insurance situation and informs the UGSC of new, mandated policy concerning safety instruction and its documentation. Starting Fall 2006, all laboratories, workshops, workspaces, or courses in which students use mechanical devices, chemicals, or other equipment or cutting tools with potential for harm will receive instruction at the start of study on the safe use of those dangers, how to deal with emergencies which might occur, and appropriate demeanor and dress. Following that instruction, the students will sign a statement to the effect that they have had and understand that instruction. Students who have not met this requirement will not be permitted to continue to participate in that class. Unit DSOs have more information.


Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the UGSC.