Undergraduate Studies Committee                                         Minutes 04/15/2002


Attending Voting Members:   Abbasian (CHE), Barrett (Hum), M.Bauer (CS), Irving (BCPS), LoCicero (ECE), Mandal (BCPS), McKee (MTM), O’Leary (MMAE), Price (SocSci), Pulliam (Hum), Schleser (Psyc), Stueben (Math), Twombly (Bus. Sch).


Attending non-Voting Members:  ElBaz (Galv. Libr.), Carol Orze (Ed. Services), Schneider (SLC), Snapper (UGC), Voland (UGC), Greg Welter (Ed. Services).


The meeting is chaired by Prof. Voland.


The minutes of the meeting of 3/11/02 are approved.


The Chair brings to the floor the proposal for the creation of a  “BS in Humanities,” which was moved and seconded 3/11/02.    [Discussion was brief, and centered around several issues: the fact that the recently passed Philosophy BS degree had been turned down by the administration; concerns that the new degree could actually cost the school money via scholarships;  and some concern that the new degree might not really be needed.]  The motion passes (10-0-2).


Prof. McKee informs the USG of plans by the Center for Professional Development to offer a certificate in “Manufacturing.”    The USG discussed the structure of the certificate.  There is no motion and no vote, since the USG does not have the responsibility to authorize the creation of certificates. 


On discussion, it is the consensus of the USG that there is no present need for a meeting in May.   The May 6th meeting is cancelled.


Prof. Snapper [emended by Pulliam at Dean Voland's Request]

Secretary to the USC.