Undergraduate Studies Committee                                               Minutes 5/13/04


Attending Voting Members: J. Abbasian (CHE), S. Argamon (CS), G. Bunker (BCPS), D. Cork (BCPS), P. Johnson (BCPS), J. LoCicero (ECE), K. McKee (MT), J. O’ÄôLeary (CAE), M. Power (Hum), G. Pulliam (Hum), J. Saletta (ECE), E Stueben (AM), A. Wolach (Psyc).


Non-Voting Attendees: A. Collver (SGA), I. Dobbins (MAP), C. Orze (Ed. Services), G. Welter (Ed. Services).


The meeting is chaired by Dean D. Ucci.

The minutes are recorded by Dean J. Snapper (for Dean C. Wark).

Convene 1:30PM. Adjourn 2:10 PM.


The minutes of the meeting of April 22, 2004 are approved.


It is moved and seconded that the two BS degrees in Psychology be replaced with a single degree following the curriculum presented to the USC.

It is moved and seconded that the question is spit for separate votes

- approving the curriculum of the new degree program

- eliminating the old degree programs.

The motion to split the question passes (15,0).

The motion to approve the new curriculum passes (15,0).

The motion to eliminate the old degree programs passes (15,0).

The motions will be sent to the Faculty Council for further action.


It is moved and seconded that Institute of Psychology offer the non-calculus-based statistics course as PSYC-203, cross-listed with the present Math-221.

The motion passes (15,0).


Dr. Pulliam moves that:        

            WHEREAS: The steady and stable presence of an elected Student Government Association representative on the Undergraduate Studies Committee will mean more thorough discussion of Committee issues among the student population,

            WHEREAS: The reformed and expanded SGA now more accurately reflects actual student opinion and so its elected SGA member will truly represent the will of the student body,

            WHEREAS: Giving voting privileges to the SGA USC representative will both encourage SGA participation in the Committee and invoke SGA input on important issues to undergraduate students,

            BE IT RESOLVED: the SGA representative to the USC be given voting privileges provided that this representative is a least a junior, full-time student in good standing and has been a full time student at IIT for at least one acadeimc year at the time of election.

The motion will be discussed at the Fall sessions of the USC.


Prof. LoCicero presented the Committee with a draft definition of the Undergraduate Studies Committee for the new Faculty Handbook. This statement is a draft for for App B, Sect. F:

There shall be an Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGSC) that shall review and recommend to the UFC and the university faculty new programs and the financial support needed to successfully implement them. The UGSC shall formulate policy and recommend to the UFC and the university faculty General Education requirements and admission standards. The UGSC shall review, approve, and inform the UFC of course and program modifications, including ancillary university-wide academic policies related to undergraduate programs, such as testing, placement, proficiency, and grading. The UGSC shall review, as needed, existing degree programs, particularly those not subjected to external accreditation review, and report findings to the UFC.

1. A chair and secretary of the UGSC shall be elected each academic year by the voting membership. The chair shall be a tenured faculty member.

2. There shall be two members of the committee appointed by the UFC from among its members. These members cannot vote unless they are also members of the committee as representatives of their academic unit.

3. Each continuing undergraduate degree program shall annually elect a voting member to the committee. Elected members may succeed themselves without limit.

4. Each academic unit that offers undergraduate programs or courses but does not offer an undergraduate degree program annually shall elect a voting member to the committee. Elected members may succeed themselves without limit.

5. The Provost shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the committee.

6. The Dean of Students, the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, the Director of Educational Services, a representative from each ROTC unit, and two representatives from student government shall be non-voting members.

7. The Provost shall make available administrative support for the Undergraduate Studies Committee, including an individual who will perform secretarial functions if the committee so wishes.



Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the USC.