Undergraduate Studies Committee                                         Minutes 9/18/03


Attending Voting Members:  S. Argaman (CS), M. Bauer (CS), G. Bunker (BCPS), D. Cork (BCPS), Peter Johnson (BCPS),  J. Lederman (MSED); J. LoCicero (ECE), J. OLeary (CAE), M. Poros (SS),  M. Power (Hum), G. Raman (MMAE), P. Ruiz (MMAE), G. Saletta (ECE),  S. Sennott (Arch), E. Stueben (Math), R. Trygstad (InfoTech), J. Twombly (Stuart), D. Venerus (CHE), A. Wolach (Psyc),  


Non-Voting Attendees: R. Ayman (Psyc), B. Brenner (Admissions), G. Broadhead (Comm. Subcomm); A. Collver (SGA), D. Geiger (Student Life), K. Hurley (Off. Techn. Serv.), W. Kellerhaus (NROTC),  J. Waters (Registrar), G. Welter (Ed. Serv.), S. Wastawy (Library),


The Meeting is Chaired by Dean Ucci.

The Minutes are recorded by Dean Snapper (for Dean Wark).


The minutes of the meeting of Apr 3, 2003 are approved.

The minutes of the meeting of Apr 24, 2003 are approved.


Prof. Bauer presented two proposals from the Department of Computer Science:

(a)        The creation of a first course for students in intensive computer science

degree programs. 

(b)       The redesign of the basic course in computer science that satisfies the general education requirement for students in non-intensive computer science degree programs.

There is no formal motion.  No vote is taken.


Dean Ucci asks the USC if it wishes to review and possibly suggest revisions to the template for when courses are offered.    The decision is deferred to the next meeting.  There is no formal motion.  No vote is taken.


Prof. Ayman presented a summary of two proposals from the Institute of Psychology:

(a)        The creation of a minor in Human Resource Development

(b)       The creation of a combined degree program through which students may

earn both a BS in Psychology and a MS in Personal Human Resource

Development in five years.

There is no formal motion.   No vote is taken.


Prof. LoCicero reminds the USC that proposals must be distributed to the USC membership prior to discussion at formal meetings.


Prof. LoCicero reminds the USC of old business dating from the meetings of 10/15/01 and 11/19/01 on a motion for the suspension of the  the Undergraduate General Education requirement of six credit hours for IPRO type courses.



Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the USC.