Undergraduate Studies Committee                                               Minutes 9/23/04


Attending Voting Members: J. Abbasian (CHE), M. Bauer (CS), D. Cork (BCPS), C. Hall (BME), M. Huyck (PSYC), Peter. Johnson (BCPS), J. Kallend (MMAE), J. LoCicero (ECE), A. Megri (CAE), J. O’ÄôLeary (CAE), M. Poros (SOC), M. Power (HUM), G. Pullliam (HUM), S. Sennott (Arch), E. Stueben (MATH), R. Trygstatd (ITM), J. Twombly (IBIS), J Zawgeski (MSE),


Non-Voting Attendees: B. Benner (U. Admiss.), A. Collver (SGA), D. Geiger (Stud. Life), T. McClain (U. Admiss.), R. Nicholes (Reg.), S. Sitton (Asst. Prov.), C. Wark (AC), G. Welter (Ed.Serv.)


The meeting is chaired by Dean D. Ucci.

The minutes are recorded by Dean J. Snapper.

Convene 12:45 PM. Adjourn 1:45 PM.


It is the consensus of the USC that J. Snapper will act as secretary to the USC in 04/05 academic year.


The Chair informs the USC that the 5/22/04 resolution to reduce the IPRO Gen. Ed. requirement to 3 credits is under review at the Faculty Council. Without a formal motion, the USC suggests to the Chair that the resolution be brought to the faculty at the next meeting of the full faculty, regardless of the results of the Faculty Council review.


Mr. Buaer informed the USC of a BS/MS degree program in computer science. Since the program makes no changes to the undergraduate degree requirements, the USC does not need to take formal action on the program.


Ms. R. Nicholes, Registrar, informs the USC that some members of the faculty have questioned present university policy on who may attend IIT classes.

It is moved and seconded that:

The Undergraduate Studies Committee endorses the present policy that students attending a class, including auditors, must be registered.

The motion passes (16-1).


Prof. Wark presented a review of the IIT standards for graduation with honors and high honors. She suggested a number of alternative standards. The members of the USC will discuss the options in preparation for a formal motion at a later meeting.


Prof. LoCicero presented a draft revision to the Faculty Handbook definition of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. It is moved and seconded that

A revised description of the duties of the USC will be voted upon at the next meeting of the USC

The motion passes unanimously.

It is the stated intention of the Committee that the remaining portions of the draft revision will be reviewed and voted upon at later meetings.


The regular meetings of the USC will convene the second Thursday of the month at 12:45. The Chair asks that documentation for distribution to the Committee in support of discussion or agenda items be prepared and brought to the meeting by the presenter.



Prof. Snapper

Acting Secretary to the USC.