Public Safety Escort Policy

Safety Escort Policy for During COVID-19 Pandemic

After careful evaluation, the University has determined that it cannot continue to operate both on and off-campus safety escort vehicles in an efficient and timely manner while remaining consistent with public health protocols for vehicle capacity limits and post-ride disinfecting requirements. Accordingly, such escorts, as they are described below, are discontinued until further notice.

The Department of Public Safety will continue to provide, as described below, walking escorts for students, faculty, or staff from an on-campus location to another on-campus location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Face coverings must be worn and social distance practiced during all walking escorts.

Non-Emergency Medical Escorts

Non-emergency medical escorts will also be provided via walking escort if the student is able to do so. This applies for students seeking escorts to/from Student Health and Wellness. If the student is unable to walk or the escort is to/from Mercy Hospital, the escort van will be used to complete these escorts, except when the student is in quarantine or isolation status or is experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19. When the van is used to provide a medical escort, no one but the ill/injured student will be allowed in the van, and both must wear a face covering at all times. An ambulance may be called if a student's condition prevents them from reaching Student Health and Wellness or their condition makes using the escort van to transport them to an off-campus medical site impossible or imprudent.

Illinois Tech Public Safety may provide walking escorts for students displaying symptoms of COVID-19 only if effective safety protocols can be met. Public Safety will consult with Student Health and Wellness staff and/or Housing professional staff on the appropriate response when these situations arise.

Again, face coverings must be worn and social distance practiced during all non-emergency escorts.