Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Limiting Time on Campus

Given our present understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subject to what the state and city allow, Illinois Tech is planning to resume in-person instruction for the fall 2020 semester. Further, Illinois Tech is also planning to provide online instruction delivery, which would be accessible and available to students who return to campus as well as those who, regardless of the reason, do not physically return to the campus in the fall. Online instruction may be required for all or part of certain classes, such as large introductory courses. Our residential housing and dining operations will also be operating as allowed by public health rules. 

The university will continue to take steps aimed at minimizing risks associated with and the transmission of COVID-19 to our students, faculty, and staff; however, in this pandemic, it is everyone’s responsibility to undertake such steps. We all need to take actions and modify our behaviors to protect not only ourselves but also our peers, faculty, and staff. We also need to keep in mind that this is a highly fluid situation, and new circumstances may require changes.

We are developing plans to make changes to campus operations with the goal of minimizing the risk and spread of COVID-19 while maintaining as robust a learning environment as possible. Despite these efforts, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of positive cases or an outbreak on our campuses. Illinois Tech cannot guarantee that people present on our campuses will not be exposed to and become infected with COVID-19. The risk of exposure and possible infection is real and present in any community environment where large numbers of people are regularly interacting including college campuses. Thus, by engaging in Illinois Tech’s on-campus community, we are all making the voluntary decision to assume the risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Keating Sports Center and IIT Tower 6th Floor Gym

Keating will be open to Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff only. We will have new guidelines and restrictions in place for the usage of Keating.

The IIT Tower gym space will be open to Illinois Tech faculty, staff, and building tenants only, with new guidelines and restrictions. Locker rooms will be cleaned on a regular schedule during hours of operation.

Work-From-Home Policy

Given our present understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on the current reopening phases of the City of Chicago and State of Illinois, we are planning for a phased return to campus for staff starting on August 3. Our students and faculty are returning for fall semester, and we know that the support our staff provides to both faculty and students is critical to their success. 

Taking into consideration the CDC, state, and city public health guidance, the university will prioritize bringing back to campus essential and critical employees whose physical presence is necessary for campus operations and for the success of our students and faculty. Specifically, staff will return to campus as follows:

  • On Monday, August 3, essential and critical staff—those whose physical presence is necessary for the operation of campus and critical to the success of students and faculty—will be expected to return to campus, if they have not done so already.
  • On or after Monday, August 3, and subject to occupancy limitations, individuals may voluntarily request to return to work on campus. If you so wish to return, you must make this request to your supervisor. Your supervisor will work with HR to determine if your request can be granted consistent with the city and state occupancy guidelines.
  • By August 17, the university will determine whether, how, and when all other staff should return to campus, once the university has ensured that all essential and critical staff have been able to return consistent with city and state guidance.