Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Limiting Time on Campus

As a reminder, students are encouraged not to return to campus following spring break if possible, and no student will be required to return to campus to complete a studio, lab, or IPRO in person. However, students who do not have the option to return home can return or stay in university housing. The university will, of course, remain open to provide essential scholarly, health, and food services. 

Again, any student who can go home for the remainder of the semester is encouraged to do so. If you plan to stay home for the remainder of the semester, please fill out this form. If you are traveling during spring break and do plan to return to your residence hall community, please fill out this form
These facilities will remain available at the discretion of instructors for students who choose to utilize them. Put simply, students will not be required to stay or return to campus to complete a studio, lab, or IPRO in person. We will ensure that you can finish your semester remotely.

As the university moves to deliver alternative methods of instruction after March 23, any student who believes that he or she may need a reasonable accommodation in connection therewith is urged to contact the university’s Center for Disability Resources at or 312.567.5744.   

In-Person Campus Resource Availability

Given these new limitations on groups of 10 individuals or more, our physical library facilities will not reopen following spring break. However, library staff will be available to students, faculty, and staff virtually, and additional online resources will be provided to accommodate this distance learning environment.

Keating Sports Center and IIT Tower 6th Floor Gym

Additionally, Keating Sports Center and the gym on the 6th floor of the IIT Tower will remain closed until further notice. 

Work-From-Home Policy

Subject to supervisor approval, staff are encouraged to work from home when possible, or to take vacation and/or sick time as appropriate. The university’s work-from-home policy is still in effect, and all work-from-home scenarios must be arranged and documented with your direct supervisor and the Office of Human Resources.