Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Social Distancing

Moving all of our classes to online instruction is our most effective social distancing action. Elimination of in-class contact and the necessity of travel by students to our university locations will reduce the opportunity for transmission of any virus. Online education will be available throughout the semester for all students and all classes, even if classroom education is resumed at some future time. Starting on March 23 there will be no classes at our physical campus locations.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social distancing is defined as: 

  • Remaining out of congregate settings (public places where close contact with others may occur, such as shopping centers, movie theaters, stadiums)¬†
  • Avoiding mass gatherings¬†
  • Maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible

The CDC also recommends the following steps for the workplace:

  • Increasing physical space between workers at the worksite
  • Staggering work schedules
  • Decreasing social contacts in the workplace (e.g., limit in-person meetings, meeting for lunch in a break room, etc.)