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Illinois Tech’s economics track for high school dual-enrollment courses is designed for students to sequentially build their skills in finance, entrepreneurship, and economics. Students can take the courses below independently or as part of a sequence, but some courses have prerequisites. Check out the course descriptions below for more information about each course.

Stuart School of Business is now offering an academic certificate for high school students who complete a sequence of dual-enrollment courses. In the economics track, students can earn the certificate by completing the following courses (12 credit hours total):

  • ECON 151
  • ECON 152
  • BUS 221
  • ECON 251

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ECON 152: Global Economics (Three credits)

This course exposes students to the economic framework for understanding global macroeconomic events, foreseeing the evolution of macro variables, and applying this knowledge to professional decision-making. Students will use international case studies along with data about global indicators from the international business and economics media to provide different perspectives on monetary, fiscal, and public policy issues in the global marketplace. In addition, the course will explore macroeconomic concepts, including inflation, unemployment, trade, GDP, and economic growth and development. 

Prerequisite(s): Minimum 3.0 grade-point average; must be a junior or senior; no prior coursework necessary

  • CRN: 20591
  • Type: In person or online (synchronous)
  • Instructor: Alan Secor
  • Term: Spring
  • When: Monday/Wednesday, 3:15–4:30 p.m.