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Information Technology Track

Illinois Tech’s information technology track for high school dual-enrollment courses is designed for students to sequentially build their skills. Students can take the courses below independently or as part of a sequence, but some courses have prerequisites. Check out the course descriptions below for more information about each course.

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Note: Upon completion of three or more courses, students will receive a cybersecurity certificate of completion credential

ITM 340: Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet (Three credits)

This course covers current and evolving data network technologies, protocols, network components, and the networks that use them, focusing on the internet and related LANs. The state of worldwide networking and its evolution will be discussed. This course covers the internet architecture, organization, and protocols, including ethernet, 802.11, routing, the TCP/UDP/IP suite, DNS, SNMP, DHCP, and more. Students will be presented with internet-specific networking tools for searching, testing, debugging, and configuring networks and network-connected host computers. There will be opportunities for network configuration and hands-on use of tools.

  • CRN: 52943
  • Type: Online (asynchronous)
  • Instructor: Vasilios Pappademetriou
  • Term: Spring
  • When: Monday, 5:40–8:20 p.m. 

ITM 356: Introduction to Open-Source Operating Systems (Three credits)

Students learn to set up and configure an industry-standard open-source operating system, including system installation and basic system administration; system architecture; package management; command-line commands; and devices, filesystems, and the filesystem hierarchy standard. Also addressed are applications, shells, scripting, and data management; user interfaces and desktops; administrative tasks; essential system services; networking fundamentals; and security, as well as support issues for open source software. Multiple distributions are covered with emphasis on the two leading major distribution forks.

  • CRN: 53214
  • Type: Online
  • Instructor: Barry Speller
  • Term: Spring
  • When: Monday/Wednesday, 8:35–9:50 p.m.