Coding Music with Python (Middle School)


$595; $100 deposit due at time of registration

Date & Time

June 21-24 (Tuesday - Friday), 10am - 4:30 pm CST

Program Registration


Registration is open until filled. Register now to secure a spot! Final payments are due by Friday, June 3. Please view our policies and resources page, including our COVID-19 vaccine policy, before registration. 


Mies Campus


6th - 8th grade (ages 11-14)

Program Overview

Python is a widely used programming language across various industries. This summer elective will allow middle school students to simultaneously learn music and programming concepts through TunePad, an online Python-based platform. Students will learn basic music theory to code original projects using digital instruments on the TunePad site. An introduction to the basics of development and discussions on the intersections of music and coding will allow participants to build and refine programming skills with a popular language while exploring creative interests. The class will culminate in students creating a song to share on the TunePad platform for other users to remix and explore. 

Course Format

The idea is to replicate the class format professors at IIT use where each class session is divided into two components. The first half of the class is used as a ‘lecture’ (in this case, the lecture would be a guided walkthrough of a new aspect of TunePad or introduction to a new programming/music concept) and the second half of the class would be dedicated to hands-on time with TunePad. In the second half, students would use the material that was covered during the first half to make progress on their final project or work toward completing a specific activity/challenge. 

Students Will Learn:

  • (Brief) Introduction to Python
    • Emphasis on uses and best practices → Python is one of the best languages to know given how popular it is across various industries
  • Documenting Code
    • Importance of adding comments in a program to make it easier for humans to read and understand (if you can keep your code clean and organized, your team will thank you eternally) 
  • Variables, Functions, and Loops (translated to TunePad)
    • Best practices for naming variables and functions, simplifying code by looping repetitive instructions; these are among the most important concepts in programming as they are universal (logic-wise, the syntax is usually different) across all languages 
  • Booleans and Conditionals (translated to TunePad)
    • These are typically covered later in programming courses given that they introduce a new layer of logic. Boolean operators denote ‘true/false’ while conditionals execute instructions based on if/else statements.