Summer Pre-Law Institute


Rising ninth–12th graders (ages 14–17)


Conviser Law Center

Program Description

The Illinois Tech Summer Pre-Law Institute offers motivated high school students the opportunity to experience what law school courses are like and learn about the law by practicing the work that lawyers and judges actually do. This week-long program will challenge students to think critically, analyze legal issues, and present oral arguments. With a focus on a current hot topic, such as the First Amendment and student speech, students will read actual cases, construct arguments like practicing lawyers, and decide cases like judges. Pre-Law Institute is an eye-opening experience, whether you have always dreamed of becoming an attorney or if you are just curious to learn more about the legal process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about our American court system and how the law works
  • Learn key ideas about the summer’s legal topic 
  • Learn concepts and strategies for arguing in appellate courts
  • Develop the ability to orally articulate and counter legal arguments, and how to ask questions probing those legal arguments

Example Activities:

  • Read relatively short court opinions in class, and discuss both that case and what would happen in a variety of slightly different situations
  • Using new hypothetical situations, work in groups to plan assertive reasons why your side should win; also consider how to preemptively counter the other side’s points; conduct friendly debate with the other group
  • Again using new hypothetical situations, work in groups to plan assertive reasons why your side should win, and then engage in oral arguments presented to the other side, which acts as the judge
  • Talk with Career Services and current law student(s) about their experiences and possible professional paths in the law; tour Chicago-Kent College of Law (including library and courtrooms)


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