Many people see math as nothing but a subject with a lot of incomprehensible rules to remember. However, mathematics is not just about numbers, equations, and rules, it's more than that. Yet most people have not seen a well-constructed proof on the infinitude of primes, or know how it can be used to solve problems ranging from optimizing web searches to taking a picture of black hole in the center of galaxy M87. The Mathematics Camp at Illinois Tech will change inaccurate perceptions of mathematics and enable students to appreciate the usefulness, power, and beauty of mathematics. Students will enhance their problem-solving skills and abstract reasoning by learning mathematics not typically seen in school. They will also learn to communicate mathematical ideals and present arguments both in writing and orally using proper notation and terminology. Topics covered will include:

1. Methods of proof

2. Elementary number theory 

3. Counting and probability

4. Theory of graphs and trees

5. Group theory

NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19, all in-person daytime programs have been cancelled. We will resume our on-campus Pre-College daytime programs in summer of 2021.

Mathematics Camp will be offered online this summer in two parts.

Learn more about Online: Mathematics Camp I.      Learn more about Online: Mathematics Camp II


Rising 10th–12th graders


Mies Campus