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Augmented Reality Application Development with Microsoft HoloLens

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NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19, all in-person programs have been canceled. We will resume our on-campus Pre-College daytime programs in the summer of 2021.

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Workshop Overview

This workshop provides participants with a simple introduction to augmented reality application development. This workshop will focus on augmented reality (AR) and will use Microsoft’s Hololens platform, the only hands-free standalone AR device, and Unity3D. You will learn basic concepts about how AR objects work in space, how to interact with AR objects, and even deploy your own prototype AR application.

Who Should Attend

This NxtGen IT and Cybersecurity course is open to any high school sophomore, junior, or senior, as well as those technically advanced incoming freshmen who receive Illinois Tech staff approval. No prerequisite knowledge is required; however, it is recommended that students have some technical knowledge. Students practice hands-on basic techniques and continue into advanced techniques while building small project-based websites and web applications.


Jeremy Hajek an industry associate professor and a graduate and undergraduate adviser in the information technology and management program at Illinois Tech. He is also the director of the Smart Tech: Embedded Systems Lab at Illinois Tech.