Addressing Behavioral Issues

Summer program attendees are expected to adhere to the Illinois Tech Summer Programs Community Standards. Safety is a top priority, and students must follow these expectations to ensure the well being of the community. Any rule violation will result in some level of adjudication. If a student is found committing a violation, he or she will be required to meet with a member of the professional staff, who will then decide the best course of action. Students found committing major infractions will be sent home. No refunds will be granted for conduct related dismissals.

Title IX Reporting Structures

All faculty and staff that interact with minors during summer programs are required to complete the Title IX and Working with Minors Training. This will be emailed to all faculty and staff involved in summer programs in the spring semester before programs begin. 

Please reference Title IX at Illinois Tech for more information and reporting procedures. 

Attendance Requirements

Pre-College Program participants are expected to attend the entirety of their designated summer program, including all class times and out-of-class activities. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis by Illinois Tech Pre-College Summer Programs staff and instructors; this is contingent upon written approval from a parent/guardian to sent at least two business days in advance. In the case of emergencies, the approval process will be expedited.