Data Science (M.A.S.)

Data Science Program Requirements

The Master of Data Science is a professional master's degree jointly offered by the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science. In order to earn a degree, a student needs to complete a total of 33 credits of coursework, including a six-credit summer practicum. A thesis is not required.

Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis, but are expected to have basic knowledge of discrete mathematics, linear algebra, probability, statistics, relational databases, and some programming such as Matlab, C++, Java, Python, or Ruby.

Every applicant who meets the admission deadline is automatically considered for a graduate scholarship. Departmental funding is awarded to a limited number of highly qualified full-time students at the time of admission. If you receive a funding award, you will be notified of the award in your official admission letter.

Applicants lacking prerequisite coursework but who are otherwise strong candidates (i.e., with relevant work experience) may be admitted, but these applicants would be required to make up any needed coursework. For more information about the prerequisite coursework, visit our prerequisite course page.

For more program information and answers to many of your questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more information, please contact:


Program Director
Shlomo Argamon
Department of Computer Science
College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology

Program Associate Director
Lulu Kang
Department of Applied Mathematics
College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology

Director, Professional Master's Programs and New Initiatives
Elizabeth Friedman
College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology